The opening of the second session of the international Ashima Culture Festival; ” ahshima

The opening of the second session of the international   Ashima Culture Festival; " ahshima " culture full of new vitality — travel channel Second International Cultural Festival Ashima   " " Ashima culture full of new vitality; source:     09 2016 30 August 19 13: at the opening ceremony of the national song and dance the morning of September 29th. In the five National A-class tourist attractions — the Shilin scenic area square, with the raging flame lit, the Chinese? Second International Stone Forest Ashima Culture Festival was officially opened. 60 couples from around the world, and his wife gathered in Ashima’s hometown of Yunnan stone forest, Shilin Yi traditional wedding experience, interpretation of "Ashima" movie classic clips, carry forward the "Ashima" culture, romantic love singing melody. On the square, dressed in traditional Yi Bimo of noble character and high prestige of the clothing, take fire with the Sani traditional way, Flint flint, fire, grass grazing to produce three rapid fire from Mars, pure and holy fire. Four big Bimo standing around the brazier four range from the four corners of the world, when the fire were read by sacrificial fire, by the flame of the blessing of the common people, the land of bliss. Then, remove the ignition high Bimo to fire ignited the torch, three times after Gong by the people’s Government of Shilin County deputy magistrate Su Yunbo, he lit the fire of hope in the basin with a torch. Shilin County People’s Government vice mayor Su Yunbo said at the opening ceremony, the main purpose of organizing the second International Festival of Ashima culture is to make "Ashima" culture again into people’s hearts, and new vitality in the new era. According to reports, the second session of the international China? Stone Forest Ashima Culture Festival "eternal love, romantic love in the stone forest Ashima" as the theme. Sponsored by the CPC in Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Shilin County People’s government, the style of Shilin County propaganda department, Shilin County Radio and Television Bureau, Shilin Scenic Area Management Bureau and the Yunnan channel host During the event, 60 couples from around the world, the couple will experience presided over by Bimo Yi traditional marriage customs in Shilin Huahai, filming "love theme wedding, the stone forest?" the interpretation of "Ashima" movie classic clips, and share the feast with tourists Shilin national unity. At the same time, will also experience riding dating, wedding customs and so on carts, authentic sheep soup pot, to see the stone forest products Niuwang tournament, the largest flower cake taste, people involved bonfires and more than 20 exciting activities. "Ashima" in the Yi language is like gold beautiful girl, the movie "Ashima" in 1964 as the first color film Chinese produced a great sensation and influence in the international and domestic, also ushered in a new turning point in tourism. During the 2015 National Day golden week, the first international Ashima culture festival held in Shilin, to reproduce the "Ashima" movie classic clips and plot form, arouse people to recall "Ashima". The stone forest is the hometown of Ashima, is the romantic love of the holy land, colorful ethnic culture, especially the culture of Yi splendor scene, in which "a poem" "shadow" and "a song" "dance" and "one day" "embroidery" the most influential)相关的主题文章: