The new season of war started 9 fresh SF monopoly into the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs transport xhero

The new season of preservation wars started: SF 9 transport monopoly Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs [] feature SF almost monopolized the 90% transport new season fresh Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs came abnormal sinister sun war in August, the wind does not move leaves, also can not afford to Xing Lake waves, quiet, but can vaguely see transpiration on because of the heat, continuous high temperature, lake green grass has long been the sun did not get angry, some are yellow, still floating in the shore, looking from the shore, far can see the center of the lake aquatic breeding area there are several characters: Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. Yangcheng Lake Yangcheng Lake is located on the outskirts of Suzhou, on the plains of Taihu’s third largest freshwater lake, ride a bike around the needs of the time of day, close to Shanghai, from Hongqiao airport only 30 minutes, because the water quality is good, the water is shallow and the soil is hard, the crab meat and fat and delicious, is the most famous Chinese crab the origin, the annual production of 2300 tons. Yangcheng Lake here, people’s lives will be more or less related with crabs. Just after 4 pm, on the shore of a nondescript Shabby Cottage, several local farmers are skillfully tied June yellow (juvenile crabs), several dozen square meters of reservoir, most are still empty, but after less than a month’s time, there will be light lit, crowded, many cars passed by. The June yellow bungalow is where the fishing operation Su aquaculture company, 31 year old Gu Minjie is the founder of the company, this time of the year when he was busy, because the Yangcheng Lake catching time is around September 25th every year, he wants to ensure that customers booking crab can timely delivery, and ensure that these crabs alive when they get. When Gu Minjie Gu Minjie was young soldier, now she is still not as tall and straight shape, and the past, but the behavior is like a businessman like his usual love to wear a Polo shirt, nose on a pair of rimless glasses, looks elegant, most of the crab in the Yangcheng Lake people know him, in addition to contacts wide popularity outside, but also because he is Yangcheng Lake "the first person to eat crabs", or "electric shock" of the people. In 2005, Gu Minjie retired to return home Xiao Jing Yangcheng Lake Village, parents were in the village of crab, the area is not large, only more than and 60 acres, each to the crab season, his family will worry about selling crabs, he decided to help the family to sell crabs, but no money to open shop, open a shop to start-up capital at least in more than 100 thousand yuan, his market is wide enough, so I had to do in the local wholesale business. In 2008, he decided to try the electricity supplier in the village, then opened the first Taobao store, Taobao is also the first one on the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs store. Before this, the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are generally sold to a nearby farmhouse, a local hotel, or across the country to wholesale fish market, but the price has been sold after the arrival of the hands of consumers have become quite expensive. Gu Minjie’s Tmall store in the Mid Autumn Festival in 2008, Gu Minjie is not easy to look forward to a more than ten thousand yuan orders, there is a market, he also needs to solve the problem相关的主题文章: