The moving castle started to live together to see the panda Nanyang cup

The moving castle started to live together to see the panda Nanyang cup after fierce fighting in a few months, boarding the headmaster personally by the Nanyang cup cruise station finally ushered in the ending of the war, six teams will eventually qualify from October 13th to 17, WE and GT giants team challenge, battle the top deck. Panda live broadcast exclusive full moon, small partners ready to board. After the intense competition between the online games, and ultimately to join the iG.V iG get two qualifying places, the challenge has long been waiting for a long time Wings and Newbee clan. Big screen + full deck watching satellite, boarded the ship and fans waiting in the network before the game player, can watch the entire process to the special DOTA2 deck game. Let us witness the birth of the king of the castle on the move. The souls of the blade Masters tournament will invite domestic giants occupation team to participate in the qualifiers, the final race of the two teams on board, and WE GT, the two top clubs in common for the souls of the blade champions. Nanyang Cup "Moving Castle" cruise station officially set sail. As the world’s first sports theme Carnival Cruise, Nanyang Cup games, sports, entertainment, there will be the Dezhou athletics, E-sports tournament competition passion deck! Panda live exclusive wonderful show, small partners do not miss. Panda live – to provide video coverage of all weather coverage, is the most entertaining live sharing platform. In the signing of a number of first-line game anchor at the same time, but also in music, sports, outdoor, stars, movies, variety, fashion and other aspects of the rich content. Users share and platform original, star anchor and every one you are happy to share, constitute the future of the panda live.相关的主题文章: