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Eggs are the most nutritious way to see you eat right? Eggs eat a variety of ways, you eat eggs and how to make the method of doubt? For example, how do eggs eat the most nutritious? How many eggs should be eaten in a day? On the question, nutrition experts to answer the following: how eggs eat the most nutritious? Answer: on the nutrient absorption and digestibility, 99% eggs, egg 97%, tender fried 98%, old fried 81.1%, with boiling water or milk and eggs for 92.5% to 30% ~ 50%, raw. In view of this, Boiled Egg is the best way of eating, but should pay attention to eat slowly, otherwise it will affect the absorption and digestion. What should be paid attention to boiled eggs? Answer: the egg is properly cooked, cold water pot, slow heating, fire boil for 2 minutes after boiling. After the cease-fire, soak for 5 minutes, so that boiled egg white egg, egg yolk coagulation is not old. Egg boiling time is different, the time of digestion in the human body is different: "3 minute egg" micro boiled egg, the most easy to digest, takes about 1 hours and 30 minutes to digest; "5 minute egg" is half cooked egg, in the human body digestion time of about 2 hours; long time boiled egg, digestion 3 hours and 15 minutes in the body. "5 minutes egg" is not only tender and tender, egg flavor is strong, but also beneficial to human intake of nutrition. American medical profession has published research reports, 24 adults eat two half a day eggs, 6 weeks later, blood lipids did not rise, good for human good cholesterol (HDL) increased by 10%. How much eggs do you eat a day? Answer: eggs are high protein foods, if you eat too much, can lead to increased metabolites, but also increase the burden on the kidney, in general, children and the elderly eat 1 per day, adolescents and adults eat 2 per day is appropriate. Disclaimer: This article is reprinted from the network, this paper published for more information transmission, the original and the presentation and content of the text without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, integrity, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, please readers only for reference, and please check the relevant content on their own.

鸡蛋最营养吃法排行 看看你吃对了吗   鸡蛋的吃法多种多样,您对鸡蛋的吃法及制作方法是否存在疑问呢?例如鸡蛋怎样吃最营养?鸡蛋一天应该吃几个?就各种疑问,营养专家做出如下解答:   鸡蛋怎样吃最营养?   解答:就营养的吸收和消化率来看,煮蛋为99%,炒蛋为97%,嫩炸为98%,老炸为81.1%,用开水或牛奶冲蛋为92.5%,生吃为30%~50%。由此看来,煮鸡蛋是最佳吃法,但要注意细嚼慢咽,否则会影响吸收和消化。   煮鸡蛋要注意什么?   解答:鸡蛋正确的煮法是,冷水下锅,慢火升温,沸腾后微火煮2分钟。停火后再浸泡5分钟,这样煮出来的鸡蛋蛋清嫩,蛋黄凝固又不老。   鸡蛋不同的煮沸时间,在人体内消化时间是有差异的:“3分钟鸡蛋”是微熟鸡蛋,最容易消化,约需1小时30分钟消化;“5分钟鸡蛋”是半熟鸡蛋,在人体内消化时间约2个小时;煮沸时间过长的鸡蛋,人体内消化要3小时15分钟。“5分钟鸡蛋”不仅软嫩、蛋香味浓,而且有益于人体摄取营养。美国医 学界曾发表研究报告,24名成人每日吃两个半熟蛋,6个星期后血脂并没有上升,对人体有益的好胆固醇(HDL)反而增加10%。   鸡蛋一天吃多少最好?   解答:鸡蛋是高蛋白食物,如果食用过多,可导致代谢产物增多,同时也会增加肾脏的负担,一般来说,孩子和老人每天吃1个,青少年及成人每天吃2个比较适宜。   免责声明:本文系转载自网络,发布本文为传递更多信息之用,其原创性以及文中陈述文字和内容未经本站证实,对本文以及其中全部或者部分内容、文字的真实性、完整性、及时性本站不作任何保证或承诺,请读者仅作参考,并请自行核实相关内容。相关的主题文章: