The Ministry of education to test self safety prevent leaking examinee information – Anhui Ch-kimi wo omou melodi

The Ministry of education to test self safety   prevent leaking examinee information – Anhui Channel – October 9 Beijing Xinhua (Wang Yiding) this year, the national adult college entrance examination will be held in October 29, 30 days, the self-study exam will be held in October 22, 23 days. Recently, the Ministry of education in conjunction with the national education examination work of the inter ministerial joint meeting of the member units held a meeting and issued documents, stressed the need to effectively kaofengkaoji purge, comprehensive exam environment, ensure the safety of information and data. According to the documents and the spirit of the meeting, the adult college entrance examination in 2016, the self-study exam security work will implement the examination of security responsibility by signing the exam security responsibility, to ensure that the responsibility to implement the duty to the people, the strict implementation of the accountability system; to purge kaofengkaoji, ensure the test papers is absolutely safe, strict examination management, actively adopt various means of detection technology, prevent the examinee and personnel involved in examination carry high-tech cheating tools into the examination room; a comprehensive exam environment, carried out against cheating equipment sales, purification involving special action test network environment and test environment and to combat teicoplanin cheating; ensure the safety of information and data, request the relevant units to strengthen monitoring and safety monitoring of important equipment, and information system the website, to further improve the anti virus, anti attack, anti tamper, anti paralysis, anti theft. The technical measures, strict precautions against leakage of personal information of candidates; according to the test, examination candidates, to carry out targeted education of honesty in examination, guide and supervise the integrity of the examination candidates, severely punish acts of violation of discipline. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: