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The loan for three years: from the history of the rise and fall of revelry to Sohu technology campus installment loans doomed eternally over the past 3 years has experienced from the peak to the whole process of burst in the market. It seems that it is very similar to the crazy expansion logic of group buying and taking out; in fact, it has a negative impact on society and the people is far more than people imagine. Just past the double eleven shopping carnival, became interested in staging (now renamed fun shop group) and stage music eyes hot potato. For all of China’s electricity supplier platform, the double eleven is the best time to sprint annual sales. But since this year outside of the campus net loan platform heavy questioning and regulatory crackdown, the two companies have to make this shopping spree distance. In the interest of staging and staging of Le App, both played a provisional amount, interest free installment and other promotional activities, but in eleven double sales and preheating propaganda almost in silence. Just eleven months ago, less than a month in October 17th, staging music officially announced the upgrade to " Le letter group ". Stage music founder and CEO, said: " Le letter has completed the transformation from a single crowd of business to the layout of the whole population. " and in early September 5th, the largest campus net loan platform interest installments were also renamed the store brand upgrade — interest group, even announced officially quit the campus financial market. Two campus network lending industry’s largest platform class enterprise, are now trying to dilute the campus business image. Storm starting early this year. Since 2016, a student in the campus soccer gambling platform loan debt can not repay the debts and jump and female students " bare " storm and other harsh campus events directly or indirectly to the operation of the platform gray line promotion and collection in. Subsequently, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the local regulatory authorities have issued a number of restrictive documents, the pressure on the campus net loan platform. Before the initiative to withdraw from the fun stage, the campus network has been very bad loan environment. " it’s hard now. Staging music should be the biggest platform to stay on campus, but it can not be moved. ", a former urban district manager, told PingWest to play. And a venture capital industry who play on PingWest products, said: " we have long been thinking about the transformation of the development of non campus users, but the interest stage reaction faster. ", it can be said that the transformation of the two leading companies, is the campus net loan market by the decline of the benchmark event. The market has been abandoned after a series of storm. And it is from the peak to the bottom of the fall, but also add up to 3 years. PingWest play recent status of this industry has made a series of investigation, after more than net loan platform for former employees, the venture capital industry practitioners and industry interviews, the conclusion is: This is an inevitable result, but is not only a company’s responsibility. The decision stage of the campus staging platform, behind the investment side, to push the team, and even note相关的主题文章: