The Japanese box office your name and title of Sherlock Shun Oguri second

The Japanese box office: your name and title of Sherlock Shun Oguri second old male frog demon Orchestra man Jack: never look back on the corner in this world Japan weekend box office rankings: November 12, 2015 -11 month 13 days a Japanese company publicly issued last week the open week screen number your name in Dongbao 8.26 – 11.12 – Warner male demon frog Jack: a man never notes East and Pictures 11.11 deaths: new world lit 10.29 Warner Dante SONY 10.28 GAGA 11.5 password drowning knife magic light girl! Miracle transformation! Mo extended angel! 10.29 please Toei and my wife married 11.5 – old Dongbao Symphony Orchestra Phantom Film 11.11 – in this corner of the world (source: Tokyo Theatres 11.12 ranking Hing communication agency) "the twelfth weekend of your name" into ", continue to maintain the position in the box office. Film last weekend to mobilize the audience 190 thousand people, the box office income of 259 million yen. As of 13, the film has mobilized a total audience of 14 million 209 thousand and 346 people, the cumulative box office income of 18 billion 492 million 220 thousand and 900 yen. At the end of this month, "your name" will exceed the "ghost princess" 19 billion 400 million yen box office record, was expected to reach the year of 20 billion yen mark. On the weekend and four list of film, which in turn for the film starring Shun Oguri "devil frog man", Tom Cruise – Starring action film "man on Jack: never look back", "old man starring comedy apricot Symphony", to Rena "comeback works the corner in this world". "Devil frog man" of the same name according to Pakistan Ryosuke horror comics, manga serialized in "YOUNG MAGAZINE" in 2013, and won wide attention for full of violent terrorist elements, at the same time in the battle for the film adaptation of the copyright has become a topic. The story of the metropolitan police searching for a class of criminal Sawamura Kushi (Shun Oguri ornaments) to play in the rain the survey only curious serial murder, leaving a message secret general and appeared to be found is the premise of the bodies were found at the crime scene by wearing a frog mask suspect "frog men", in order to solve the event behind the prisoner, Ze Cun cornered its expansion and confrontation. In the 333 movie screens medium scale release, opening weekend mobilization of 180 thousand and 217 visitors, earning 244 million 496 thousand and 500 yen, ranking second, is expected to fall at 1 billion 500 million yen after the final box office. Then the man ranked third on Jack: "never" according to British writer Lee Chad series of novels "never" adaptation, tells the story of being framed Jack after suffering, let the world for unraveling the The case is entirely cleared. himself and his comrades, the story twists and turns cleared unrighted wrong. The film premiere weekend two days to mobilize the audience of 140 thousand people, the box office revenue of 190 million yen. Containing 11 stars.相关的主题文章: