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The Internet can be used wisely: charity fundraising cheated whether accountable network picture network for help, raise public donations, love relay…… All kinds of Internet fundraising platform for users to transfer, love and dedication, hope to provide efficient and convenient channels and bridges, to help individual voice no longer isolated and helpless. However, the trust crisis in recent years frequent burst to the development of the Internet fundraising platform and related services, cast a shadow over the authenticity of information: stagger mixed, cheat donate frequent phenomenon; supervision mechanism vacancy, lack of legal protection…… Often to help users finally called "very injured". Money is really to help the hands? Money is really used in the place of use? Encounter cheat donation is accountable for the door? "Internet plus charity" era, the above three questions, a fund-raising issue of concern to most users. Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice specifying 13 platforms including Sina, micro public welfare easily raise, as one of the first Internet charity donation information platform. The white list is not only the recognition of the finalists platform, but also on the current Internet fundraising industry put forward higher requirements. Ask where to donate – Cheat incidents – platform credit assurance? Whether it is personal in the online community and fundraising platform to seek help, or through social platforms to help information diffusion, Internet users make donations rapidly from the information to complete the charity process is efficient and convenient. However, there are few people playing with friends good idea cheat money. In June 2015, the so-called "known goddess" Yao Tong concocted by the soup "text", and their "trumpet" echoed each other, Zibianziyan a female students long illness without money drama, defrauding donations more than 15 yuan. In August 2015, Guangxi Yang in Tianjin Binhai New Area after the explosion, that the father died in the accident, a website using a reward function for donations of nearly 100 thousand yuan. According to public opinion monitoring room by the survey, similar to the bad news, 46.3% of the respondents authenticity and security on the Internet for doubt; 10.2% of respondents believe that the "cheat donate door" emerge in an endless stream. Public sympathy, no one dares to lead to personal fund-raising letter. Whether it is a traditional charity, or the emerging Internet fundraising, social credibility has always been their lifeline. This requires the collection of Internet donation platform information flow, we must gradually open and transparent. In order to easily raise the platform as an example, for patients with serious illness relief projects, are required to submit a detailed audit materials, including handheld photo ID card, the patient or patients and who diagnoses certificate and proof of the relationship, fundraising and instructions for use. However, even if is released through the donation information platform to help information, inevitably: one is the sponsor of dragons and fishes jumbled together fundraising information authenticity, cheat donations are frequent, "help" often become "begging network" or "phishing"; the two is the individual project the existence of false exaggerated fundraising; three is for money the use of tracking and open mechanism is not perfect. Internet fundraising platform can play the biggest advantage is transparency, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Information Research Center Secretary General Jiang Qiping believes that the internet.相关的主题文章: