The interest rate under the silver price dilemma puzzle to maintain short-term shocks

The interest rate under the silver price dilemma puzzle to maintain short-term shocks Sina fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Zhao Yao international silver prices from $20.10 an ounce near continuous decline, once close to two month low, rebound pattern destroyed. The market is expected to change the Fed’s interest rate hike is a key factor in the price of silver. In fact, not just silver, the entire financial market is currently the Federal Reserve will be held in September 20th FOMC meeting. Recent economic data released in the United States continued to slump in the background, the market for the fed to raise interest rates in September is expected to heat up? There are several other factors that also affect market sentiment, in addition to the fact that non farm payrolls in August will not change the Fed’s perception of the labour market. First, the most important point is that the European Central Bank in this month’s interest rate decision to maintain the euro zone’s three benchmark interest rate unchanged, maintaining the size and duration of QE unchanged. At the same time, the bank president Delagi believes that the current euro zone economy does not need more stimulus, this and Delagi always dovish remarks after the release of the style be quite different, the market for the next few months to expand the European Central Bank easing is expected to significantly reduce. In the absence of further easing of the ECB, and the future is expected to reduce the context of easing, the Fed’s interest rate hike on the external risk is much smaller. Secondly, from the current situation, the British back in Europe did not form any serious adverse effect on the euro zone economy, whether the performance of economic data from Britain and the euro zone, or the European Central Bank’s monetary policy decisions have proved this judgment. Under this background, there is no reason to be fed back in Europe as a high-risk events British external factors affecting the economic recovery in the United States, then on the basis of the argument against premature hike will lose the basis in fact. Again, the Fed officials recently hawkish remarks to promote the market interest rate is expected to rise. A number of previously considered a dovish stance of the ticket commission instead issued a "hawkish speech, which shocked the market. These include the Boston Fed chairman Eric Rosengren, Fed chairman Daniel Tarullo and Atlanta Fed chairman Dennis Lockhart. Among them, Rosengren’s speech on the market expected the greatest impact, he believes that too long to maintain low interest rates may make the U.S. economy into another recession, should tighten interest rate policy. Lockhart also sharply pointed out that in the economy, 1.6% of the inflation rate and the unemployment rate in the case of the case, it is not appropriate to maintain ultra-low interest rates of 4.9%. Although the Fed has "Dove" sound, such as the Federal Reserve director Lael Brainard, but the Fed balance has obvious to the "hawks" tilt, which is the direct cause of the rate hike is expected to heat up. Before the FOMC meeting, the Fed will enter a period of silence, then the market is difficult to find traces of interest or not from Fed officials in the mouth. In the meantime, the Fed’s interest rate theory相关的主题文章: