The Harry Potter Craze – A Book Series For All Ages-aspack

Fiction It is amazing to think but how the Harry Potter crazes has captured the imagination of people all vr the world. It dsn’t matter if you’re struggling with the business of living in sm Third World country or happily ensconced in ur glitzy Park Avenue penthouse in the Upper East Side of w York, chances are the Harry Potter craze has captured u and ur ilk. Harry Potter’s appeal transcends race or in.e bracket, culture and religion, sex and sexual orientation. h great majority of people simply love it. h appeal of powerful wizards and supernatural evils is rtnl heady stuff. Its like n big rollercoaster ride where no n knows what’s going to happen nt. rhs the n sure this but this whole Harry Potter craze is that there will be nt installment of the series .ing sn to theater nr u. And rbbl nthr n ftr that, and nthr, and nthr… For the more perceptive n rund us, the Harry Potter craze is no surprise. h books wr great fiction (J.K. Rowling must be laughing himself silly now, all the w to the bank). Admittedly, the first of the series of books did not make huge impact right w, but children rss the world qukl caught n. Sn nugh, kids couldn’t st talking but Harry Potter and wr constantly in frantic search for all the Harry Potter material that th uld get thr hands n. And, expectedly, parents sn got into the t and started lkng into the newest buzz mng thr kids. Th began reading the books and m of them hooked into Harry Potter craze. ht the book series was transformed into series of films was only inevitable. But n still has to take thr hats off to the film’s producers and creators, bus th have bn able to translate the magic of the book into the big screen, making Harry Potter and his dazzling adventures vn more larger than life. Admittedly, sm adults dont fancy the movies as exactly thr cup of tea. But thr did fall in love with the series much like th fell in love with the Star Wars epic bfr that. There’s nothing like breath-taking sorcery and the battle of good versus evil n grand scale to make us forget the price of theater admission. mng kids, wvr, n would be hard pressed to find single n who wasnt crazy but the whole thing from the very beginning. It dsn’t matter if u’v read the books or not. In fact, it hardly matters if u’v sn n of the previous Harry Potter films. All u have to do is catch n of them (or the vary nt n) and u will be thrilled to the core. h worldwide web and ur favorite DVD store (or Amazon..) is thr good places where u n pick up n the Harry Potter magic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: