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The Guangzhou auto show listed exposure hover H2s models, red label label – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] recently, the Great Wall car officially released the Harvard H2s model’s figure. The launch of the new car red label and label two versions, two have some differences in configuration and price. It is reported that two new cars will be announced in November 11th pre-sale price, followed by the opening of the November 18th Guangzhou auto show 2016. Look, the red label label version H2s models the biggest difference is that the former uses the "mouth" grille, containing 5 chrome banners; the latter label version models using a smaller hexagonal grille, and is connected with the headlight. From the overall design style, the red label version of the model on steady, and the style of the product label is biased movement. The rear part, the biggest difference between the two models is the red label version of the license plate installation position is different, the two models are used in a total of two out of the two chrome exhaust. Depending on the configuration, the Harvard H2s will be equipped with a variety of 17 inches and 18 inches Aluminum Alloy rim. The body size, the red label version of the dimensions were 419517721617 (including 1638 mm, luggage rack) and blue version of the model is 414617721617 (including luggage rack 1638) mm, two wheelbase was 2550mm. In body color, red label lanbiao hover H2s provides titanium dioxide, black, silver, red, jazz star fashion orange and blue day cyanine 6 colors for consumers to choose. Two models of the interior remain the same, using the "console design organ", the use of large area covering the slush and soft materials, enhance the texture of the car. The configuration section, red label version of the Harvard H2s elite models will be equipped with a black color interior (optional black and gray color interior), multifunctional leather steering wheel, leather seats (lanbiao version of the elite is not equipped with a mobile phone), internet entertainment system (with a 9 Inch Touch screen support Bluetooth phone), keyless entry one button start, cruise control, automatic parking function of electronic parking brake, can not open the panoramic sunroof can be equipped with. In addition, the automatic models on this basis will also increase the shift picks and driving mode selection function. In addition to the above configuration, red label hover H2s elite models will be equipped with electric folding exterior mirrors (with defrosting function), reversing radar, reversing the image; in the main passive safety, red label hover H2s elite comes standard with front side airbags, vehicle stability system, traction control system and tire pressure monitoring (lanbiao version of the elite is not equipped with) etc.. Power, Harvard H2s will be equipped with 1.5T engine, the maximum output power of 150 horsepower, peak torque of 210 cattle · m, transmission and engine matching is 7 speed manual or 6 speed driving mode selection function with dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章: