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The greening of the city in the autumn tree is covered with yellow flowers for rookie drunk pedestrian western network (reporter Wei Yongxian) in autumn, the most beautiful streets of Xi’an street to the number of Koelreuteria, street clusters of yellow flowers for blooming, lantern like the strings of fruit in red yellow green flowers, fruit and common prosperity, composed of a golden color. Picture. Stand quietly under the tree, the wind blowing through the breeze, swaying fruit, can hear the rhythm of the "clang" sound, so it is also a name "shake Qian Shu"; and because of Koelreuteria fruit as lantern is also called the "Lantern tree". And Sophora japonica, than it is for Fatong, planting in Xi’an city star. In the Xi’an District of Qujiang high tech Zone, some new road can be seen in Koelreuteria paniculata, the transformation of the West Main Street, city park, Qinglong temple also has new species of Koelreuteria paniculata. For although not majestic no shade of Sophora japonica, were, but it does not need pruning is bright and beautiful, can naturally form the umbrella crown, beautiful tree. For spring lush and beautiful, lovely pink leaves; summer leaves gradually yellow green; autumn trees covered with branches, such as capsule, bright and colorful lanterns. For is a light, slightly resistant semi shade, resistant to drought and barren, cold resistant plant, strong anti dust, sterilization, air purification ability, is a good species in high incidence area of haze with vegetation. For the body is a treasure, leaves can be used as blue dye, the flower can be made of yellow dyes or medicinal seed oil, wood, white, easy processing, used in the manufacture of some delicate small appliances.相关的主题文章: