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"Pocket money gap" rules may exist in name only days before, Guangdong Zhuhai bay a small due to prohibit students to bring snacks, toys, pocket money to the school sparked heated debate. There are parents and teachers to support, but also some people oppose, and questioned the message has been received, including the occasional examination of the child’s bag, the alleged violation of student privacy. ("Southern Metropolis Daily" November 22nd) in order to protect the health and safety of students, in order to avoid harm also outside toys and snacks to bring to the school, the school intends to introduce this provision, is intended to avoid student competition, afraid of children to develop the habit of spending money, but it is difficult to avoid the three questions. First, whether or not it? Many families generally improve the economic conditions, most of the children who have a little pocket money, can be used to buy breakfast outside, by car, but also to deal with the situation of temporary money. If not from the actual situation, coupled with the lack of parents’ understanding and cooperation, "forbidden allowance" policy may exist. Second, is it illegal? Some teachers saw the forbidden band pocket money is difficult to guard against, to mandatory inspection. The move was opposed by the parents of students, bags belonging to the child’s private sector, direct examination may hurt the child’s self-esteem, so that children feel not trust. But the rude education methods may provide no respect for others, do not know the demonstration for the children. Third, whether the financial education for students? Intelligence and IQ and EQ are educators as adolescents "three business" education. In developed countries the success of education experience, through systematic training, professional training, can help children understand money, manage money, avoid unplanned spending money, set up the consciousness of saving and investment awareness, to be a creator of wealth and control. Financial education is consistent with its environmental needs, also can cultivate their pioneering thinking. Compared with the traditional education, modern education is advanced in the development of physical and mental health, all-round development of talent, training children to look at the problem, solve the problem of attitude and methods. Just because the pocket money will adversely affect the child, is completely isolated, may get temporary effect, but no benefit for the growth of a child, as unworthy. Plugging is not as sparse. School education should be based on students’ physical and psychological characteristics and cognitive level. From reading novels to prohibit band gap change, no stick whirring, the school will only blindly prevent problems, causes and law of growth often ignore the problem of children. "Water blocking will be broken, sparse is the", for education is the same reason. For pocket money, the school should seriously ask parents to cooperate with each other and the views of the committee, family education, help children to establish a healthy financial concept, cultivate good habits, but also through class, blackboard, students debate love way, fully listen to the opinions of the students, guide students to realize the dangers of eating junk food, spending money, so as to solve the problem of indiscriminate use of pocket money in the source.相关的主题文章: