The first single mortgage non-performing asset securitization products coming soon sunny came home

The first single mortgage non-performing asset securitization products will soon come out of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The reporter Wang Yuan, editor of Chen Yu China’s first single adverse personal housing mortgage loan asset-backed securities will be available. In September 23rd, Xin Jian in 2016 second NPL backed securities CCB launched "(hereinafter referred to as" Jian Xin two ") will be in the interbank market purchase, becoming non-performing assets securitization products of non-performing loans, credit card loans, personal business loans for the underlying assets after another innovation the asset securitization market. Insiders said, as China’s first single adverse personal housing mortgage loan asset-backed securities, "Jian Xin two" issue not only opened up new channels of bank batch indigestion housing mortgage loans, but also for financial institutions by means of asset securitization non-performing assets play a good exemplary role. Banks to increase innovation to dispose of non-performing loans yesterday, CCB trust in China’s bond information network published correction information shows that the construction of Xin two will be set up in September 27th. The term asset backed Securities Sponsors for CCB, issued a total of 1 billion 560 million yuan scale, divided into tranches and secondary files of two varieties, the tranches of asset-backed securities issue size of 1 billion 200 million yuan, the secondary file size of 360 million yuan of asset backed securities. With the economic downturn, the bank NPL ratio continues to rise. As an important way to deal with non-performing loans, non-performing asset securitization restart this year. According to public information statistics, the current product "out", the current non-performing asset securitization products on the basis of types of assets has covered the credit non-performing assets, credit card bad assets, small micro loans of non-performing assets and non-performing assets mortgage. "Personal housing mortgage loan, a high degree of homogeneity, do not need to individually site due diligence, collateral recovery and a high degree of security, can effectively improve the valuation of assets into the pool, and thus support the large-scale issuance of securities." Joint credit structure financing analyst Liang Tao think. Liang Tao believes that the "Xin Jian two" issue, is China’s financial institutions to explore innovative adverse personal housing mortgage loan securitization, the day after the financial institutions through asset securitization means bad personal housing mortgage loans fast table, to a good role to improve the quality of business assets. According to statistics, the current phase of the securities into the pool of assets 7980 bad personal housing mortgage loans. Debt credit ABS team pointed out that the pool of non-performing loans into the distribution of 82 provinces in the city of. The number of the underlying assets is very high, and the dispersion is very high, which reduces the volatility of the asset pool. Non-performing asset securitization issued by the recent issuance of non-performing asset securitization accelerated speed. China bond information network information released yesterday showed that China Merchants Bank launched and extract the third phase of non-performing asset backed securities in 2016 will also be issued in September 26th. Reporters learned that, in addition to state-owned commercial banks, part of the large shareholding theory相关的主题文章: