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The first commercial application of Microsoft Hololens was born! Sohu technology visualization is one of the most obvious commercial applications of Microsoft HoloLens. Through the convenient air gestures, from micro to macro, with different scales to observe all aspects of the object – this ability will play an important role in the future of augmented reality revolution. Whether it’s for games, interior design, financial data or architecture, data visualization will play an important role in the future. Part of the reason is that, in 3D images, we can absorb information faster and more completely. Earlier this week, Trimble navigation (Trimble Navigation) announced the first commercial application of scalable HoloLens released to the Windows Store — this is the SketchUp Viewer. SketchUp is very popular and easy to use 3D modeling software, Tianbao in 2012 from the hands of Google to buy their shock a lot of people, and HoloLens is it appropriate for a tool. The application of the price up to $1499.99, and the release of this product is said that Tianbao will have an important role in the visualization of the future. SketchUp Viewer by Tianbao HoloLens provides a new way to observe the model. Tianbao Geospatial Information Development Manager Adrian · (Adrian Ferrier); Fei Lille introduced the design mode of the 5 HoloLens to the Atlanta HoloLens Meetup group. In his one hour speech, he showed several different design patterns, and how they apply to Tianbao has been some of the ideas in the study. Perhaps the most eye-catching feature is the "smart structure". The image shows a building where HoloLens users can see the layout of the circuit, plumbing, and other necessary infrastructure. With the power of the HoloLens, the construction team can work with the site or off-site architects to make the necessary changes and solve problems. As shown in the following figure SketchUp Viewer demo, Adrian is the core of all the points raised. This can be from a bird’s-eye perspective and the perspective of building the pedestrians look very good. Then, through the manipulation of the air, the user suddenly appears in the building, and can move around and modify. This work model seems to offer more possibilities for us to visualize and interact with the objects we create. Editor: Ma Tao reference: http: trimble-releases-sketchup-viewer-first-commercial-hololens-application-wind news相关的主题文章: