The first batch of Guiyang city 27 heavy governance blocking point see results before the

The first batch of Guiyang city 27 heavy governance blocking point   see results before the end of accountability relevant units – Guizhou channel — original title: not effective accountability relevant units before the end of October 13th, Guiyang city comprehensive traffic supervision and assessment group called the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the city bus company 10 units and departments, held in Guiyang city block governance inventory meeting. The meeting decided that before the end of the 27 prominent blocking point to solve the problem, such as no results, the relevant responsible units will be accountable. Previously, I sort out the city in 2016 the first batch of outstanding traffic blocking point, within the Nanming area to carry out comprehensive management should highlight the traffic blocking point 12, Yunyan District 15. The 27 block including Shangyi Qingyun Road Primary School, village road before the flowers drop slot to Huaguo interchange ramp of interchange, Qianling Park Road, the old East Gate intersection. At present, Jiefang Road Meikailong, Hongyan bridge, Guizhou People’s Hospital, East Second Ring Road BRT construction point block has been in accordance with the requirements, the time limit for the completion of initial success. Among them, Jiefang Road Meikailong Building Materials Plaza entrance is located near the Jiefang Road Bao Shannan intersection, the traffic light insufficient distance 30 meters, the vehicle’s entering into large, occupies a lane, affect the normal passage of other vehicles. To this end, led by the Nanming district government, with the city traffic Commission, the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, coordinating the surrounding traffic organization building materials market, the market is the import and export of vehicles, the original steel door Fuyuan Road expensive import and export were replaced with single outlet, and the addition of traffic signs, guide the vehicle through the road out of the market of Chinese alpine rush, to reduce the road traffic intersection. At the same time, the number of units to carry out joint enforcement, Jeeves and illegally parked vehicles queuing vehicles to strengthen comprehensive renovation, order management, remediation for illegal parking behavior and cut in line, improve the shopping vehicle traffic speed. It is reported that the district will before the end of October, Zhongshan Road area remediation Yunshan international Jindingshan traffic; before the end of December the road is street bus station renovation, Daying slope traffic. Nanming district will be before the end of December renovation of Huaxi Avenue intersection traffic peak; 2016 in 2018 — the comprehensive improvement of floral park area (flower Orchard Street) traffic. In addition, because of Songshan tunnel, tunnel ramp and Liberation Road intersection point of the formation of a new block, has been included in the scope of governance. According to the municipal government issued the "rules for the implementation of Guiyang city comprehensive traffic assessment (Trial)", all units must be in effect before the end of treatment, the assessment results will be included in the annual performance appraisal target. To complete the work well, the effect is good, the city should be commended for the work of ineffective implementation, will be submitted to the municipal Party committee, the municipal government responsible person accountable. ((Zhang Wei): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: