The eighth double 11 express open 8000 yuan monthly salary to get people-homefront

Article 8 a "double 11" express 8000 yuan monthly salary to get people express news reporter Lu Yansi reported 8 a "double 11" is coming, as the "flow only entity" in support, express logistics industry has 5 years of continuous increase of more than 50%. Every experience of "double 11" is a comprehensive improvement and upgrading of the comprehensive strength of the existing express logistics industry. In the face of a new round of "double 11" test, the new express reporter learned that, in the last year on the basis of this year to avoid explosion, courier companies not only to fight, fight to send, but also to fight, fight technology. This year, "double 11" of the data will be refreshed again, the courier industry business volume or will reach 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over the same period last year. After the national day, many express outlets in Guangzhou for "double 11" force. The reporter understands, Nadu, SF, four every day, one of a number of courier companies are continuing to "urgent" courier, salary reached 5000 yuan to 8000 yuan, in addition to the basic Commission, five social insurance and one housing fund, but also out of the room, then make a meal supplement, and other attractive conditions. Industry insiders told reporters, with the deepening of the logistics industry of Internet technology, big data collection, processing, analysis and application ability, will directly determine the "double 11" during the express logistics enterprise logistics network can smooth operation, can maintain the service experience and reduce the working intensity. In addition to SF accumulated over the years the use of business resources and big data analysis capabilities, predict the specific shipment volume of each network, realize the scientific guidance of the deployment of capacity, also introduced a new data lighthouse, provides intelligent service for the logistics industry, such as real time monitoring by courier, quality of service, a decline in the volume of individual early warning; through the wisdom of a warehouse, forecast, achieve accurate positions by stocking in advance; simulation, to guide businesses reasonable positions; businesses can immediately understand the current inventory status, effective inventory management. According to the State Post Bureau expects that this year, the industry will have 2 million 680 thousand front-line personnel into the "double 11" express service, which increased by over 50% compared with last year, the trunk vehicle growth of 59%, air transport capacity growth of about 40%. (Newsletter) free consultation

第八个“双11” 快递开8000元月薪抢人新快报讯 记者陆妍思报道 第八个“双11”即将来临,作为“三流合一”中唯一的实体支撑,快递物流行业已经连续5年增幅超过50%。每经历一次“双11”,都是对现有快递物流行业综合实力的一次全面完善和升级。面对新一轮的“双11”大考,新快报记者采访了解到,在去年基本避免爆仓的基础上,今年快递企业不仅要拼人、拼送物,还要拼服务、拼科技。今年“双11”的各项数据将会再度被大幅刷新,快递全行业业务量或将达到10.5亿件,比去年同期预增长35%。国庆之后,广州不少快递网点就在为“双11”蓄力。记者了解到,德邦、顺丰、天天四通一达等多家快递公司都在持续“急聘”快递员,薪水达到5000元至8000元,除了最基本提成、五险一金外,还开出了餐补、房补、话补等诱人条件。有行业人士对记者说,随着互联网技术对物流行业的深入,大数据收集、处理、分析、运用能力,将直接决定“双11”期间快递物流企业的物流网络能否平稳流畅运行,能否保持服务体验和降低员工工作强度。顺丰除利用多年积累的商家资源和大数据分析能力,预测各网点的具体快件量,实现科学指导运力调配外,还最新推出了“数据灯塔”,为物流行业提供更智能的服务,例如通过实时快递监控,对服务质量、件量下滑等进行个性化预警;通过智慧云仓,进行件量预测,达到精准提前备货;通过分仓模拟,指导商家合理分仓;商家还可以即时了解当前库存状况,进行有效的库存管理等。据国家邮政局预计,今年全行业将有268万名一线人员投入到“双11”的快递服务当中,较去年增长超50%,干线车辆增长59%,航空运力增长40%左右。(新快报) 免费咨询相关的主题文章: