The driver did not even know the throttle brake with a car into the urban pool fkzww

The driver did not even know the throttle brake with a car rushed into the pool in the city to go out the driver, not afraid to let three points! Although this is to discriminate against female drivers, absolutely undesirable! Because the accident has no gender difference, but just in the city of Quanzhou Cultural Palace 100 Yuanqing pool pool released, there is a novice driver, throttle and brake not clear. Oh god! Straight into the pool. Poor car, a second ship. According to the reporter, 12 am today, in the 100 Yi Xiang Quanzhou hundred source retired cadres door, Chen suspected in reversing the throttle when the brake is ready to turn around, to hit a green car, the car crashed through the guardrail, the car carrying the man fall into the water. Fortunately, the car fell into the water, the driver of the car in the vicinity of the help of the masses, in a timely manner to climb out, but the water is not deep, okay. Reporters on the scene, Ms. Chen has climbed after the police and insurance is still suffering from the shock, to the scene. According to onlookers, Ms. Chen today to the city to play, ready to drive back, turn around in the alley, because the narrow and novice, leading to the throttle when the brake. (Quanzhou evening news reporter Zhang Xiaoming Wen Wen Wen) >相关的主题文章: