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The courier service push garbage generation has been questioned: garbage hand room original title: the new service member with garbage downstairs controversial reporter Chen Lin recently, the rubbish at home said "good hot, do not know exactly who should go. It is part of the courier company launched a new service, courier express upstairs, can also Shundaizhao customer garbage downstairs. Part delivery also have "garbage downstairs" service. However, the Beijing morning news reporters learned that the "courier garbage generation" also let some people have a reverie: courier carrying a garbage bag, and then go to the next home delivery, especially in case of delivery, left handed over the wrong? The new service: send express garbage generation Liu citizens before the date of delivery receipt sent express reminder message, the purchase of goods will prompt distribution at the same time, she also suggested that the home garbage put in the door, can help to take delivery. Ms. Liu is just home to throw garbage, garbage bags will be sorted out on the door. The results of the courier sent home delivery, turned away. Yesterday, Ms. Liu also received another courier sent a text message, saying that if there is a generation of garbage, packaging recycling command, but also willing to serve. Liu also want to experience a return, deliberately put junk in the door, the courier to send mail, still paid no attention to the corner of the garbage bag, finally Liu carry their own downstairs. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that many people have encountered in the end of the customer acceptance of the courier to help the carton down the stairs, but it is rare to help throw garbage. Ms Wang even encountered delivery to help throw garbage, "once ordered a pizza, I really let the courier to bring the garbage." Ms. Wang said, room service is very warm, "bow + with garbage, people do not know where to put the hands and feet." Courier: customers will be asked to take the initiative to take part in the interview with reporters after the courier company, confirmed that this service has been launched. Wind up the courier Zhang said, from their entry the company had "sent express upstairs, downstairs" garbage service, when I send, will take the initiative to ask the customer has no need to bring down the garbage, but also customers request. "If the customer on the door, but there is no requirement I will not take the garbage, after all there are customer privacy, if customers mistook the money or other items left behind in the trash. I took not to say." Public: carrying garbage to send the picture too rich Beijing morning news reporter learned that, on behalf of garbage service, some large courier companies such as SF, tact is even more cautious. SF operations department responsible person, this service was also discussed, but eventually decided not to pursue. Courier sometimes sent several express, if you carry the customer’s garbage how to send?" In this regard, many people have raised doubts. Ms. Wang to take your trash in the room after the first thought is room to do good; but the thought, to which their hands out, is not just to help others throw a bag of garbage, "immediately into the mind some diaphragm相关的主题文章: