The countryside surrounding the city, Gionee mobile phone will have a chance to catch up with oppo a yo te amo

The countryside surrounding the city, Gionee mobile phone will have a chance to catch up with OPPO and vivo? The science and technology Tencent BU Xiang Shangri-La to Lijiang Road, occasionally falling star rain, we take the TOYOTA SUV turned a mountain gap into the rain mixed fog, visibility was significantly decreased. Rousan slow down, carefully avoiding the winding road next to roll down the stone blocks, the car invariably stopped talking. Seven or eight minutes later, the car carrying a man down to the foot of the mountain on a road, Lu Ming pointed to a place on the opposite side of the mountain, we have just come down from there". No more than km diagonally across the road straight away, winding detour, actually so long. The plane landed in the eardrum bulging like feeling reminds us just down from a height. Lu sang said that in Yunnan, the seven hundred or eight hundred meter gap has no effect on him. It is this distance, separated by the Tibetan and Yi People’s different houses, the former four square, the majority of the two layer, the latter small tile black roof, cottage mostly. Yunnan is located in the southwest, 390 thousand square kilometers in the mountains inhabited by the more than and 50 ethnic minorities, "the voice of the ten miles, a hundred different customs". We are all the way from Kunming, Dali, Shangri-La and Lijiang, the city and the city basically need four or five hours. Call on the young woman, here called Jinhua, next to a place called Zhuoma, also called Riza. As the mobile phone sales staff Jin, Lu mulberry and colleagues is the main task of running in between different groups, eliminate geographic space barrier with sea tactics. Not up to the local competitors in touch, Jin sea tactics become relative sales advantage. Lu sang has been aware that the national mobile phone market competition has been spread to Yunnan. In order to sell mobile phone, from Shangri-La to Lijiang for more than four hours drive from the mountain, face was dark, the thin body of Lu mulberry has not remember how many times to run, is very much at home, he often identifyopportunities steadily overtaking, but also from time to time to make the right hand in the car on the screen and start to listen to this. In terms of per capita GDP, the country’s more than and 30 administrative areas, Yunnan is only a little more than Guizhou, the country’s second poor areas. The province’s 46 million people, 65% live in rural areas, where consumers speak different dialects, watching different TV shows, with different beliefs, customs. Yunnan is far away from the bustling second tier cities in the non mainstream mobile phone market, the market for other features, but as fierce. Whether it is thinking of the Internet open, electricity suppliers to undertake millet mode, or to pull the banner high, the international brand of apple, Samsung and HUAWEI models, or traditional advertising, open the line to intercept OPPO, Gionee sea tactical mode, try to blossom here. According to Shiner data, 2016, Jin for 8 consecutive months ranked Chinese mobile phone line market share of the top four, ahead of HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo. As of September 2016, the main human wave tactics in Yunnan local Jin mobile phone sales accounted for the rise, estimated annual sales of 2 million units. This figure will enable Jin mobile phone market accounted for 17% in the Yunnan market in the country, a total of 45 Jin in Yunnan Province agents, agents get the first sales of the first. For Jin, surrounded by the countryside.相关的主题文章: