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The coal production capacity to significantly speed up the progress of Shanxi channel, newspaper Beijing on 13 October,     (reporter Zhao Zhanhui) 13, the national development and Reform Commission held a press conference, deputy director of the policy research, development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said that the recent capacity to significantly accelerate the progress, he also said that the capacity to not cause coal supply, at present, the coal field is fully qualified, have the ability to ensure a stable supply of. Zhao Chenxin, as of the end of September two, iron and steel, coal industry exit capacity has greatly improved, the progress data also verified, will be announced soon. In recent years, the production schedule has been significantly accelerated, there are many reasons: inter ministerial joint meeting to continue to promote the implementation of the coal production capacity slow progress of the 12 provinces and municipalities related to centralized interviews. The inspection team composed by the inter ministerial joint meeting also went to the region for special supervision. At the same time, cross sectoral joint law enforcement, strengthening coordination work group, normalization to eliminate backward production capacity, clean up illegal construction and joint law enforcement three special action, illegal and super capacity production has been effectively curbed. In addition, the bonus compensation fund coefficient is high this year, mobilizing the enthusiasm of the local retreat and early leave. From 1 to August, China’s coal output fell by about 10%, coal output decreased, prices rebounded, and the business situation improved, boosting the confidence of the relevant industries. But the recent market coal prices have shown rapid upward momentum, individual areas and some power, iron and steel enterprises supply tight situation. People’s daily (October 14, 2016, 03 Edition) 煤炭去产能进度明显加快–山西频道–人民网   本报北京10月13日电  (记者赵展慧)13日国家发改委举行新闻发布会,发改委政研室副主任、新闻发言人赵辰昕表示,近期去产能进度明显加快,他同时表示,去产能不会导致煤炭供应不足,目前煤炭领域完全有条件、有能力保障稳定供应。  赵辰昕介绍,截至9月底,钢铁、煤炭两个行业退出产能均有大幅提高,进度数据还在核实,很快就会公布。近期去产能进度明显加快,有多方面原因:部际联席会议持续推动落实,对煤炭去产能工作进展缓慢的12个省区市有关部门进行集中约谈。部际联席会议组成的督查组还奔赴各地进行专项督查,层层传导压力督促进度。同时,跨部门的联合执法强化协调工作小组,常态化开展淘汰落后产能、清理违法违规建设生产和联合执法三个专项行动,违法违规和超能力生产得到有效遏制。此外,今年奖补资金系数高,调动了地方多退早退的积极性。  1―8月全国煤炭产量同比下降约10%,煤炭产量下降,价格出现回升,企业经营状况得到改善,提振了相关行业的信心。但近期市场煤价出现了过快上涨势头,个别地区和一些电力、钢铁企业供应出现偏紧的情况。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月14日 03 版)相关的主题文章: