The closing ceremony at the dawn of the beta! The ol very exciting play

The closing ceremony at the dawn of the beta! The "OL" very exciting play Sina games –   by the network element’s Shanghai Shengtang candle dragon development, togetherness era and the element of joint operations "San Tang Qi Tan network edition" open beta has been more than ten days, the test will be in August 31 sunset under the curtain, let us review the game exciting gameplay. Near the end of the closing ceremony at the beta invites you to the carnival in August 31st, Qi OL dawn beta will come to an end. Thanks for the support of the OL game player Qi, Qi OL prepared the closing ceremony, let the game player feel close together before taking the Qi OL carnival night in this test. "Qi Tan network edition" full closing night celebration invitation experience is believed to have involved in the full closing ceremony are invited to experience the game player, remember the night of the fireworks Yunzhou step. This time the closing ceremony will be held in Baisha wave dance scene. The day of the wave dance Pak is blue sky and white clouds, accompanied by bursts of breeze, the night will be like? The "wave dance scene in August 31st Bai Sha Qi Tan network edition" activities during the day, at noon that day 12:00, laomeng will become a welfare officer "laomeng" appeared in wave dance scene in Baisha, laomeng free game player to buy a large number of rare foreign clothing and props, and without any restrictions on the purchase and consumption. The afternoon of August 31st 18:00-19:30 official, "call me old K", "big mountain", "egg fork uncle", "play" and "Lester" will participate in the team game player arena, battlefield, more official team VS game player’s game. "Qi Tan network edition" full closing celebration invited to experience the battlefield PK friendly last night in the Customs Service official will come to wave dance Pak, with flying lanterns for the future, jointly lit the fireworks. "Qi Tan network edition" full closing ceremony fireworks feast invited to experience activities you participate in, find fairy cloud piaofeng swords OL quest bucket Xian Xia world, in addition to a road Hangxiazhangyi the demon slayer, in the vast world, there are many interesting things easier for you to accomplish. During this time the dawn in the game open beta, "Dragon Star" Chushu festival celebration "," multiple activities, including wind and cloud bucket digging treasure, fishing contest, fun gameplay has been popular game player. Enter the "wave dance scene in Baisha" step Yunzhou main city, will have the opportunity to participate in activities to obtain a large number of game rewards and the surrounding gift. 1, fighting wind cloud here, you will be in a copy of the fight scene and acquisition run in very practical "three jump", between the stone and the obstacle through the beach collecting spirit ball, show your elegant Xianjia style agile skill. "Qi Tan network edition" fun gameplay fight between the cloud piaofeng activities open daily 12:00-14:00 and 19:00-23:00, each game player can enter five times a day. After entering the scene, there will be 30 seconds of preparation stage, this time you can see the location of the spirit balloon around the body to touch the spirit of the balloon in the map, the red for the 5 points, blue for the 10 points, purple for the 30.相关的主题文章: