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The American century, Dan America today: a hero and a clown warring country [Abstract] the United States is a giant mixer, the old world civilization, regardless of somehow smashed with a stirring litters which is Damned in American democracy! Daniel · Alan at the beginning of May, there came the news of students said: Dan died. I checked the official website: Yes, Dan was in April 30th. According to the Chinese calendar, the elderly at the age of 104. Subsequently, there will be a tribute to Harvard teachers and students, recalling the text. For a time, the snow, the old campus in the church bells, "Ode to joy" played slowly. Daniel Aaron is my Harvard mentor, his departure is breaking my heart. Last October, I returned to Harvard, he is still in good out of a bandbox? After half a month, I cook every day, from wonton, dumplings, noodles with shredded meat, beef soup, rice, not as he does not eat with relish! Dan leaves the office. Dan Yanjing restaurant to eat braised fish in soy sauce. Before leaving, I specifically booked fish, take him to the two. Each trip will be scaled up: school bus, the wait, black driver manipulated lifts, small nanny (Jamaican) way to push the wheelchair, uphill hom. When I arrived at the restaurant, I worked with the manager to push the old man to a reserved position. He thanked the manager, happy smile: "Where s the Fish (the fish we set about)? Yanjing restaurant fish. Among the numerous articles, there is a "Daniel · the century of Alan". The expression of two meanings: first, my teacher is the campus of the old birthday, also on behalf of the Harvard academic honor. Second, Dan, who has lived through the experience of the American president, has witnessed the rise and fall of the American century. My article slightly change the word title, "Dan American century". Look at Helen · the memory of Vandel. Helen is a professor at Harvard English, she said Dan like old urchin, hiding in the "full Americaine office, by all visitors. The object of his conversation, friends, colleagues, students, as well as Chinese guests". She said, Dan’s academic life, reflected in his work every day on the road: first to ride a bike, and later changed to walk back on crutches, and finally a wheelchair. A vivid description of Helen, to verify my personal view: [1] Dan diligent extraordinary, has always been to teach, write proud. The old man [2] learning, good karma, and always maintain the utter innocence. [3] he forty years like a day to attract Chinese fans. Chinese scholars who knew him, said that he and Dan have reason. This difficult translation of the edge of the word, to the mouth of the Americans, and said to be Chinese Ties (China link). Dan’s Chinese side of Dan’s Chinese edge, a few commemorative articles, certainly not clear. I try to combine the Chinese two party opinion, from personal experience about away, I hope you can hear, understand this fate why, which implied the historical logic of what. The first time to Beijing, Dan said when I first knew his international background: the early morning of May 20, 1978, President Carter received a telephone call from Beijing, Brzezinski. Bush said he was with Deng Xiaoping, Deng intends to send five thousand students. Carter cried: we accept ten:相关的主题文章: