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The aegis board is expected to reproduce the Marvel Universe, or united again re linked to Samuel · Jackson Tencent entertainment Zhuangao (Wen Dudu) in the marvel 2 "Captain America: the Winter Soldier" (Captain America: Winter Soldier), in recognition of the Avengers shield, and collapse due to infiltration by Hydra, then this in the marvel movie universe never appeared. But the ABC TV drama "Aegis Bureau agents" (Opera) (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.), a team member is still in the aegis board with "illegal organization" exists in the form of. Recently, as the Secretary in the nick · aegis Marvel movie universe, Samuel; · L· Jackson, also revealed that the organization is still expected to return to the marvel cinematic universe. "Sure, absolutely! Why not?" Samuel · L· Jackson said: "the Marvel Universe there is always a way to repair their creation, one day, will appear again, that what happened in the end shield. Maybe the aegis board burst, just for a strategy to achieve a goal, that would be the best. We will be able to wait for some time, for some reason, for some reason." It seems that foreign media, Samuel · L· Jackson is so confident, the fundamental reason is he on the role of director Ferrie Ferrie is full of confidence, because at that time the iron man, Captain America, black widow, hulk and Thor and others together to form a strong "avengers". However, in the "Captain America 3: the civil war" (Captain America: Civil War), the Avengers are divided by the iron man and the team led by the two factions, and in "the Avengers 3: Infinite War" (Avengers: Infinity War), due to the face of strong enemy "thanos", the Avengers Winfrey, director of the union may also need to re unite matchmaking. Copyright statement: This article is exclusive Tencent entertainment manuscript, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: