Thailand shipwreck occurred at least 50 people were killed and injured Chinese citizens – Sohu news

Thailand shipwrecked at least 50 casualties without China citizens – Sohu news agency Beijing, September 18, Bangkok news: Thailand 18 fatal shipwreck, a ship carrying more than 150 people on the ferry in the Chao Phraya River Basin near the capital Bangkok capsized, killing at least 13 people were killed, 37 people were injured, many people unaccounted for. According to Thailand, "Bangkok post" reported that 18 local time around 4 pm on the ship, the double decker ferry to the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, along the Chao Phraya River (from Bangkok to NATO 80 kilometers) into a concrete flood control dam, the ship capsized. The report quoted as saying the Ayutthaya police, the victims included 6 men, 6 women and a child. At present, the authorities are organizing the search and rescue overnight, the number of casualties may rise further. As a tourist destination, Ayutthaya, a popular tourist sites well-known, far and near. As of press time reporter, there is no news of casualties foreigners. China Embassy in Thailand told the media that, with the Ayutthaya police confirmed that no casualties in the accident Chinese citizens. According to Ayutthaya police, involved in more than 150 passengers to mostly from central Nonthaburi Prefecture, is a muslim. On the 18 day they sailed to Ayutthaya mosque in the Muslim traditional celebrations, results in an accident on the way home. Thailand public television quoted the shipping department officials, approved the accident passenger capacity is only 50 people. The authorities are now suspected passenger ships due to severe overloading, suffered after rushing water out of control, eventually led to the shipwreck tragedy. Due to lax enforcement of passenger transport regulations, Thailand has occurred when the ship is difficult. In May this year, a speedboat in the waters near the resort of Koh Samui suffered from Chinese waves capsized, causing Hongkong, Britain and Germany the 3 tourists were killed, while a number of tourists were injured. (end)相关的主题文章: