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Travel-and-Leisure Creative City prototypes in 10 provinces of Thailand have been selected by the Department of Intellectual Property and Ministry of .merce in response to the Creative Thailand policy. The aim is to add value to Thai products and services by .bining talent, knowledge, and new technologies with cultural resources to generate local in.e and job opportunities. The provinces selected include Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai in the north to Yala in the far south. The programs range from rice research and crop substitution to ceramics and musical instruments. 10 Creative Cities 1. Chainat: The City of Rice varieties plays a big role in serving as the source of rice seeds for the whole country. It is also known for its brown rice, or Kaew Klong, which is more nutritious and many say tastier, because it is milled traditionally. 2. Chiang Rai: Thailands Northern most province is The city of Doi Tung Development Project, a royal supported project that has found success and international recognition for its efforts in crop substitution. Under patronage of the late Princess Mother, Princess Srinagaridra, the project has been able to improve the quality of life of the people of the region in a sustainable way. 3. Chiang Mai: Thailands second largest city and center of ancient Lanna culture is known as The City of Fine Handicrafts, where the age-old arts remain alive and practiced by skilled craftsmen. 4. Nan: Known as The Lively Ancient City, it borders Laos and was for many years an autonomous kingdom with its own identify. Once ruled by Burma (Myanmar), it is now a lively .munity with a colorful past. 5. Petchburi: The City of Tang Tanot, or palmyra palm this natural sugar it is an important ingredient in the making of local sweet dishes and desserts, like custard pudding, the recipes passed down for generations. 6. Mahasarakham: The City of Learning, Leading and .munity Development in the northeast offers a simple and wel.ing lifestyle. Ideally situated, it serves as a center of learning that focuses on teaching the next generation to meet the needs of the country. 7. Yala: The City of Birds in the far south bordering Malaysia has organized an annual bird singing contest for more than a quarter century. Thousands of .petitors converge on the city, including from neighboring countries. 8. Lopburi: The City of Renewable Energy Innovation has some of the worlds largest solar farms. Thailands recent reputation for renewable energy is in large part because of Lopburi where photovoltaic, or solar cells, are turning the regions ample sunlight into electricity. 9. Lampang: The City of Ceramics in the North is blessed with clay ideal for ceramics, and the people of the area have put it to good use. Originally practiced by Chinese immigrants less than 50 years ago, it is now an important export for Thailand, contributing to the local economy. 10. Ang Thong: The City of Drum Makers in the central region, this craft and heritage has been passed down for generations with each exquisite drum still individually made. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: