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Take this movie, only to meet the arrival of the baby – Sohu from maternal love, we took off our beloved high-heeled shoes, resist the temptation to "junk delicacy" changed stay the night sleep habits, and even the Internet must see Taobao has also been replaced pregnancy knowledge…… Even we are surprised, the original mother so great, can make us willing to make so many changes. With love, we ignore the pregnancy discomfort, can big eat tasteless and insipid tonic, can all maintain a position does not change, even pregnancy to attend to their own body and hateful, but also feel that they are now also very cute…… We finally found that the original mother had such magic, so that we have no complaints to accept all arrangements during pregnancy. When the baby you grow in vivo, we always try my best to give you the best of everything, because we see you as a part of our life and is the continuation of life, so don’t allow yourself a little carelessness. But near the due date, I am still a variety of tension and anxiety, worry. If you are a baby in the evening, the hospital will have a good doctor? What is the delivery room, I will be afraid to go in?…… Baby, please forgive my mother had no experience, to face the unknown, we really will panic, afraid at the last minute because they are not familiar with and you can not successfully meet, so when he learned that the state health by maternity hospital have such a team, when to shoot such a film, mom and Dad can enroll in. Only hope that when you arrive, we can calmly to the safe, smooth and meet you. Making this movie is being late now, thanks to every staff to pay for this film, let me have such an unforgettable memories, if you are pregnant mother, please look forward to early September release of national health first real documentary and me, should be very helpful to everyone! Share the new every move, come close to experience more new mothers! Welcome more pregnant mother and mother to join us on this treasure by Po mom big family composed of QQ group: 212150626, common care and witness every step of growth!相关的主题文章: