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Super typhoon "Meranti" caused by the Taiwan Mid Autumn Festival return affected Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen (reporter Chen Yue) in September 14, approaching the super typhoon "Meranti", Xiamen Jinmen sea routes 14, 15 across the board suspended. On the morning of 14, when the reporter went to Xiamen five dock waiting hall, open the hall only scattered several staff, no usual crowds of sight. "Needless to say, this time in previous years, waiting for the ship, light in the terminal position alternate will have a long queue." A ticket agency counter staff said she worked here for several years, this is the most leisure holiday. Responsible for staff Xiamen jinmenroute benefit of the frontier inspection station Lv Qianling told reporters, in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the Immigration Department to open channels, additional staff, to deal with the immigration peak. In Xiamen alone, on the life and work of 100 thousand Taiwan, in the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday return peak, both the Taiwanese mainland people, but also by the Xiamen Kinmen route travel peak. Take Xiamen jinmenroute arrived in Kinmen, the "sea and air transport route from Kinmen flew back to the island of Taiwan, because the price is cheap, fast and convenient, has been welcome taiwan. Only a day before the 13 day, although there are nearly 1/3 outbound flights were cancelled, on the same day by the Xiamen Kinmen route to Kinmen passenger is still as high as 2300 people, far higher than usual, many of which are to catch before the typhoon in taiwan. Li Huiyi is just this year to work in a start-up company in Taiwan, Xiamen youth. She told reporters that he has this early set a good ticket, want to go back to Taiwan, boyfriend and family spend the Mid Autumn Festival, but "Meranti" kept her in Xiamen, "pretty homesick". "Homesick", is also a reporter at noon that day in Xiamen Gaoqi Airport Taiwan Mr. Wu of the heart. He said yesterday that in the flight was cancelled, their online from time to time "brush ticket", nothing, today also rushed to the airport and see if I can buy ticket to taiwan. He said in a hurry to depart, the home of both young and old in Taiwan, in any case have to hurry back, "the Mid Autumn Festival, attention is not too well with his family." The Xiamen airport, five dock and so on in various channels will travel affected information of passengers, the 14 reporters in the place did not see too many compatriots stranded. Lv Qianling told reporters, according to the experience of the resumption of the Xiamen Kinmen route, there will be immigration peak, then, the Immigration Department will also advance to take measures to guarantee the smooth clearance of passengers. (end)相关的主题文章: