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Su Ningyun COO Hou Enlong: "double 11" target mobile terminal accounted for more than 70% Hou Park in 2015, Chinese electricity sales more than 3 trillion yuan, has become the world’s largest online shopping market. At the same time, consumers are no longer blindly affected by promotional advertising and shopping carnival atmosphere and impulse consumption. The upcoming "double 11", become the evolution of the business model of "field trials of businesses". Su Ningyun COO Hou Enlong recently accepted the media interview in Beijing, broadcast, "Red Net" and other popular words have become his mouth words, online and offline channel integration trend, a series of invisible wrestling has already opened the curtain. Traffic costs shot up into new live interactive tools to reporters: "double 11" this year Suning has no goal? Hou Enlong: we hope that the mobile end accounted for more than 70%, non electrical category orders can reach historical breakthrough, before we think home appliances 3C, we want to change the labels, we hope that the future orders above category of non electric orders accounted for 80% to 90%, this is a very clear goal. Under the line double 11 we hope to go beyond the traditional national day. In fact, Beijing has broken through. In November 4th, line stores during the festival of the self-made electricity supplier record sales. Only the Beijing area under the 60 line stores stores, 21 Tesco stores, single day sales of 360 million yuan. Reporter: this year’s double 11 and what is the difference? Hou Enlong: in previous years, we spent most of the energy spent on the promotion of the above, it may be more in terms of price level, some in the user level. This year in several activities, we found that many young consumers want to interact with you. We developed a live play, to become the most direct interaction tool. We have a youth community, dedicated to live, the highest one time a person live 1 million 600 thousand hours to bring traffic. It will bring some big changes to the future traffic carrier or platform. Get traffic costs a few years up to eight times, causing drainage cost became terrifying, in fact we rely blindly increase advertising flow value profit companies sounded the alarm, now, we try to find the right way to reduce the cost for the customer, and we can put things into consumer interaction go in, we can also improve the stickiness platform, to provide consumers with good experience. Heavy assets to light Suning employees have become net red reporter: this year, double 11 there are a lot of direct drainage mode, after the introduction of live businesses can see the trend of consumer behavior transformation? Hou Enlong: we put things open to see live suppliers from the background, you can see how many people are watching the live broadcast, see immediately after the order number, after the effects of live website hits, such as in accordance with the normal routine is open 300 thousand times, after the 600 thousand open 1 million times live. Reporter: how to combine the traditional offline channel resources and live? Hou Enlong: live interactive who can do. If we put the future of Suning all personnel, regardless of platform, or "second" store personnel into "Red Net", the future Suning shopping guide will play infinite power. We still have one.相关的主题文章: