St Shun Yashi Paul shell technology for sale three years ago to acquire 1 billion 450 million baggag

*ST Shun Yashi Paul shell technology for sale three years ago to acquire 1 billion 450 million baggage hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million Securities Times reporter Li Manning *ST Yu Shun (002289) three years ago to spend 1 billion 450 million yuan to buy the company Accor technology, now listed 235 million yuan but no disk access, but lowered the listing price, the sale price is 188 million yuan. Elegant as the technology price to attract buyers September 6th evening, *ST Shun announcement, due to failure to meet the conditions of the solicitation intention of the transferee intends to Accor listing price adjustment technology for 188 million yuan, the amount of the deposit to 18 million 800 thousand yuan. In two consecutive years of losses, the sale of *ST, Yu Shun follow-up whether it can smoothly "shell" of great significance. *ST Shun believes that elegant as the touch screen industry in which science and technology growth rate continued to decline, industry competition, technology updates faster. Through this transaction, the company can further reduce the risk of a substantial loss, reduce the risk of suspension of listing and delisting. Performance commitments fell after the acquisition of the target into a burden, three years discount of nearly $1 billion 300 million. In 2013, *ST Shun to 1 billion 450 million yuan acquisition price the main touch display module the Accor 100% stake in science and technology. The original major shareholders promised that the time, as the technology of 2013 to 2015 net profit after deduction of non – net profit of not less than $83 million, $118 million and $142 million. Since the acquisition of the year to achieve performance commitments, Accor technology since then performance has been declining. 2013 to 2015, its net profit after deduction of non final 85 million yuan, respectively, $74 million and -0.53 billion. *ST Shun’s latest earnings report showed that the first half of 2016, and as the technology business conditions continue to deteriorate, become the main cause of the loss performance of the company. During the period the company revenue fell more than 50%, net profit loss of 158 million yuan. Among them, the loss of about 108 million yuan ya technology. In May this year, due to two consecutive losses, *ST Shun be implemented delisting risk warning, stock referred to as "Yu Shun Electronics" is changed to "*ST Yu shun". Accor science and technology performance commitments fell one after another, the original shareholders have tried to change the performance compensation. In April this year, the original shareholders said Accor technology Cumulative Performance commitments to achieve a rate of about 46%, drawing a reduction in the number of shares repurchased. Because the program has not been through, the original shareholders and apply for compensation adjusted to 233 million yuan, and in the 100% stake at a price of not more than 200 million yuan case, promised to transfer 200 million yuan Ya Technology is not less than 51% stake. In June 6th, the program was approved by the board of directors of *ST Shun, in June 22, 2016 and plans to open temporary shareholders’ meeting this bill. However, the Commission in June 17th to amend the "management measures" major asset restructuring of listed companies to the public comments on the major asset restructuring for listed companies相关的主题文章: