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Square dance APP you don’t know the billions of market square dance "short ass" you don’t know the billions of market new financial reporter Wang Lin in "her" market, infant market has been fully developed today, a new market was excavated. This market group holds the vast majority of ordinary families the right to wealth, and have full potential, this group is the square dance aunt. Aunt who has the world if you think the word "Dama" is simply the word "aunt" into pinyin, then you are wrong. This is the "Wall Street journal" created specifically for the Chinese aunt authentic English words. "Dama" is derived from 3 years ago, a large number of Chinese middle-aged women to buy gold caused by the world’s gold price change, but since then it has evolved to show the potential of China’s aunt economic terms. Aunt who had the world." In the insurance industry of the new financial reporter Chen Jun said, "from time to time to bully the square dance circle, occasionally can sell a few do not say, and aunt chat, each other are familiar with, or follow up service, user stickiness is also very high." Promotion of financial sales is still in line in the circle, like Chen Jun’s ideas are not a minority, while the development of today’s Internet era, specifically for the square dance people online APP have also been developed. These APP are basically based on dance teaching, which is based on simple dance video. Followed by the popularity of the broadcast industry, followed by the square dance live. From the most basic level, the square dance APP can break through the time, place, restrictions on teaching arrangements, too small to use mobile phones can be used at home iPad, which is very convenient." Square dance APP is doing a team leader in charge of the new financial reporter said. Dance teaching simple sharing function is too single, starting from the point of practical application, from teaching derived from social function will be the second major. "We do a survey before, square dance groups including dozens of people, including a small group of about ten people. Especially for small groups, the whole process of the activities of the organization is a pain point, such as Zhang aunt today to pick up the grandson, aunt Lee tomorrow to go home to cook, people do not gather together, the activities can only be carried out." Above the person in charge said. He thought of the solution is to develop "dance" function. By the promoters to initiate the dance troupe, set the number of time and place, the nearby people to find and select groups of interest to join. This will solve this long-standing problem. The economic value of square dance but these features are not reflected in the square dance market real economic potential. May wish to see the square dance group as the elderly home market entrance". In accordance with the laws of China, the central group of the square dance, that is, as mentioned above, Dama, it is mastered the vast majority of family expenses crowd. The so-called family expenses, in addition to daily living expenses, but also includes the purchase of consumption, tourism consumption, financial management and consumption. In other words, FMCG companies, travel companies, Financial Services Company and other square dance AP相关的主题文章: