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"Sounds of nature" battle encounter challenges Suren   Fei Yuqing now lives out — entertainment channel — original title: Suren Fei Yuqing was almost suffered the challenge, "kill" – (left) four "angels sing" Hua Chenyu, Fei Yuqing, Karen Mok, Yang Kun – Fei Yuqing now lives out music reality show "the sounds of war" will be held Sunday at the Oriental TV premiere, 11, the show was held in Suzhou news broadcasting conference, four "sounds to sing" Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu full debut. It is understood that the first recording, with "evergreen music" said Fei Yuqing and singer Suren difference of three votes, almost eliminated; and Yang Kun described himself completely "escaped"; in the face of Karen Mok and singer in a moment our eyes red. From star to star tongued judges mentor, has been in a position pointing jiangshan. In the "voice" battle, turned completely right between the biggest feature is the star and amateur, the program will challenge to amateur singer star, competition, customers can not only choose the direct object of a singer star singer as a singing competition, will also choose to play the song for the star singer. The conference site, Yang Kun said, after he participated in many programs, but this time the "voice" battle and the past is not the same, the scene of hundreds of spectators on the spot to vote, decided to sing music and amateur singer who wins. Yang Kun said, the first recording was a tiger, "I was so nervous stiff neck. I had to hand to the audience to applause, good heal my mood. I didn’t think there would be a psychological burden. But I didn’t sleep that night." Seen countless scenes, walking music for many years Fei Yuqing also said, "sounds of nature" battle stage let him have a foot with feeling, "first recorded almost was" terminated ". Also worried that if lost, really will step down. But in fact, tension is addictive, I always try these new things, the form of TV programs are always changing." As for Karen Mok, asked for the first time in the musical variety, why choose "star in a singing competition"? Karen Mok said, because it is a challenge, in order to stimulate each other to make more wonderful music." Karen Mok also served as artistic director of the show she said, not just a music station song well so simple on the stage, "a performance must be complete, the arranger, clothing, lighting and so on should be 100 points." It is understood that the art director Karen Mok thereafter will not only inject a lot of his musical ideas to the "sounds of nature" battle, the interaction between Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu and Fei Yuqing, will. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Jiang Bo)相关的主题文章: