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Finance ATM is one of the most widely used banking machines in all over the world. ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine which was first put into use in 1959 based on the idea of self service in retail banking. It delivers various benefits such as it allows customer to access their bank accounts for cash withdrawals, purchase pre paid mobile phone credit and also provide one of the best possible official exchange rates for foreign travelers and often used for this purpose around the world. There are number of ATMs available in each and every country and its states which shows that there is no hard international and government totaling about the .plete number of ATM used worldwide. All financial services organizations are increasingly looking to reduce the operating costs which require well developed software that can run multiple applications at a time. Various .panies are available that provide software to manage ATM cash. Several reasons are there which shows why bank needs software that manages ATM cash such as: Cash is very delicate part of financial service organization and with the help of advanced ATM management software one can accurately forecast daily cash demands. To reduce or to minimize the cost operating system more and more ATMs are used by banks. ATM provides most efficient use of cash across network. It maintains service quality and availability of the customers To manage ATM cash in efficient manner one need to use ATM software which are user friendly and easy to handle by the banks. Various ATM software use Microsoft Windows OS, primarily Windows XP professional or Windows XP embedded. Some are remote monitoring which makes it more securable and simpler where as other runs on XFS platform and Linux OS. The first most priority for the ATM software developers is the improvement of security measures as its access depends on PIN system and a card known as ATM card and can easily susceptible to theft. To ensure the security of the cash, software developers now adopt finger authentication technology which is still under some consideration. While designing and developing the ATM software, some security needs to be keeps in mind such as customer identity security, operational secrecy and transaction secrecy etc. Concern about the ATM software security arises as the standard of ATM arises with the industry standard .puting environment. ATM industry is emerging day by day and todays bank realizing that .prehensive branch facilities are a key part of customers banking experience. It is another major factor that needs to be considered while developing the software to manage the ATM cash. Now ATM the need for customers and banks as well so that banks provide best services in this phase. The data which is collected from the activity is needed to optimize the entire cash management process which is of great valued. It offers customized collection and payment services which help .panies by allowing them to reduce the realization time of cheques and automatically controls the cash management processes. Cash processing is a very delicate procedure and plays a very vital role in every business .anization, it needs extra management care to handle. Some software is available in the market that can run multiple applications at one time and is very helpful for managing liquidity, payment, amount balance and other functions which are related to cash management system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: