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Snow blackout! The Zhengzhou area friends must hold on the Central Plains area outage time: 2016-11-24 – 2016-11-24 20:00 07:00 power range: three, seventieth middle school, Guan Miao Cun, Heng Jiashuyuan Zhengda real estate industry companies, the Great Wall Real Estate Company (Ji Jian), Li City real estate company, the Great Wall housing company three Temple (Ji Jian) and three Officer Temple City Village Renovation Project (Ji Jian) Zheng Dong new time: 2016-11-24 – 2016-11-24 06:00 power 20:00 power range: offering south of two residential placement, Hengli village, ten shop resettlement area, Fukuzawa Park District, Zhuang Anzhi District, eight Cui Li Zhai Cun village, Temple community, Boao company, Hengli District Business District, ten shop placement business district, business district, Cui Zhuang An Zhi Zhai Cun District fire. The outage time: 2016-11-25 – 2016-11-25 06:00 20:00 power range: Anna Xiangsheng Xinyi District, Ruyi home district. The outage time: 2016-11-25 – 2016-11-25 06:00 20:00 power range: Ten shop resettlement area (area two), Nangang (East Village, Zhoucun village, part of the user), the Zheng Dong Committee, Zhengzhou Guancheng Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Zhengzhou natural gas company, Zheng Dong new natural gas filling stations and Dongzhou kindergartens, nursing homes, Zheng Dong Zhengzhou oil company, Henan seed management station, the people’s Liberation Army 71834 army, 94343 army of PLA, Henan province grain warehouse, Chinese oil and gas Limited by Share Ltd, Longhai Road, Qilihe expressway construction company Zheng Dong New District Management Committee sanitation building, AFP investment company, Zheng Dong real estate company, Zheng Dong new radar station, Longhai Road Zhongzhou expressway construction the company, Zhengzhou airlines management station, Henan Water Conservancy Bureau of the first project, Zheng Dong real estate company, Double round piston ring factory, financial letter home company, Xin Zhuang company, green leaf source technology companies, small shops trading company. Port: 2016-11-24 09:00 – 2016-11-24 outage time 14:00 power range: Hengtai company, the refractory material factory, Vassar jofont biological pharmaceutical factory, beautiful furniture factory, Wilson company, Ding boiler plant, Huadian Jin Yuan company, good special building materials factory, the voyage No. (Infrastructure), Vico heavy industry group company. Tube City blackout time: 2016-11-25 – 2016-11-25 20:00 06:00 power range: Purple Chen Road and East Road intersection, Bauhinia Garden District, district court, Wan Jiajie era Jun Thai business company, Gifford company, Henan province automobile business processing factory, Feng Yi Home South Block infrastructure company, China infrastructure company, small home office queen Zhengzhou steel window factory, Henan Province, China, and electrical company warehouse infrastructure company, logistics company, Yutong automobile company, Huade automobile company, Bauhinia Garden commercial company.相关的主题文章: