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SNH48 on behalf of Top3 Fantasy Westward Journey girl suction eye of numerous [Abstract] domestic popular women’s team SNH48Top3 formal endorsement of "Fantasy Westward Journey", Li Yitong, Huang Tingting, Ju Jingyi three has a natural image of the beautiful youth girl will be adorable Fantasy Westward Journey how to bring the new dream ~8 on Sept. 25, the domestic popular women’s team SNH48 OP3 Ju Jingyi Li Yitong, Huang Tingting, the official endorsement of "Fantasy Westward Journey" (micro-blog), a three game product "dream swims on the west" computer version, "Fantasy Westward Journey", "Fantasy Westward Journey". Mobile Games version following Lin update, Liu Shishi after the new season spokesperson. When the National Games encounter national brand tanacu, this combination will wipe out what kind of spark? In July 30th, the domestic well-known women’s SNH48 third annual total runoff officially ended, Li Yitong, Huang Ju, Jingyi Tingting to become the glory of SNH48 three, they wear the crown and Cape, fans enjoy the blessing. "Dream swims on the west" for the United States and the three girls on the "dream world treasure map", hope they can explore the dream world through the treasure map, and "dream swims on the west" with hundreds of millions of game player launched a dream trip! This also means that Li Yitong, Huang Tingting, Ju Jingyi as "Fantasy Westward Journey" brand new spokesperson, and in the next time, to the identity of the spokesperson for the "Fantasy Westward Journey" sound! At present, between SNH48 OP3 and "dream swims on the west" the cooperation has officially kicked off. The spokesman Lin update launched the "dream beacon flag" video, he and other friends brother drew many of his memories of the history of the game game player. The spokesman Liu Shishi is from a female perspective, as the "dream swims on the west" game player’s interpretation of a number of people have experienced "love game". In the "friendly" video of the dream, Liu Shishi with the hero of "Xia Han" point of view, to share their story of the game, attracted a lot of game player, especially female game player recognition. This sounds two spokesperson, is to promote the game player "Fantasy Westward Journey" of the countless memories. So this time, SNH48’s three young girls will be in what way to wake up the player’s resonance? With the National Women’s team called SNH48, has great appeal in the young group game player. Ju, Li Yitong, Huang Tingting and Jingyi three members of the beautiful image of youth but also has a natural affinity for the game. "Dream swims on the west" the reason why they choose as their brand ambassador, not only because of their high popularity, it is because of their youthful temperament and their brand image has a high degree of fit. It can be said that this together, the two sides will import more fans, thereby expanding the SNH48 three members and the "dream swims on the west" social influence and brand reputation. When the "dream swims on the west" met SNH48, believe it has more than four hundred million national game game player and national brand will group together, to bring more benefits and fantasy game player personality experience!相关的主题文章: