Sichuan Mount Emei eighteenth ice hot spring festival is ice powder welfare tourism channel zghd

Sichuan Mount Emei eighteenth ice hot spring festival is   "ice powder" welfare – Travel Channel Mount Emei seventeenth ice Hot Spring Festival Golden Health Qigong performances over the winter snow has come to Mount Emei, the annual snow spring festival curtain dress. Mount Emei ice and snow spring festival, has been the Mount Emei winter tour card, one of the ten major folk festivals in Sichuan. This upgraded version of the eighteenth snow Hot Spring Festival is "ice powder" welfare "four dishes and one soup" winter tour dinner on stage. Mount Emei lasted seventeen years of ice and Snow Festival, for the vast number of visitors and friends brought a variety of winter feast. In 1999, Mount Emei took the lead in the introduction of the National Snow and ice hot spring festival, year after year, the unique geographical conditions of Mount Emei, southwest rare winter snow on the project, loved by tourists friends. "Snow spring festival", "Rainbow Night", "China winter tour new overlord", "south snow feast" and so on, because tourists blitz, the birth of many winter tour hot words. In 2015 the Mount Emei "home games" is set off a new round of National Games boom. 2016 new year, Mount Emei eighteenth ice hot spring festival will be the curtain, "ice powder Festival" news spread like wildfire, the ice warriors have been eager to advance in the warm-up, many guests quickly come to seek sponsorship. Mount Emei eighteenth Hot Spring Festival with snow, ice and snow, hot springs, martial arts, delicacy, Clifford five highlights resources, Mount Emei "four dishes and one soup" winter tour products new upgrade. The ice arena, proud magic spring festival happy day, spring spring snow, Hot pot soup, Italian ice powder interactive carnival, enjoy the Mount Emei to create as netizens friends amount first "ice powder Festival" will bring a new winter sports enthusiasts. Thanksgiving ice powder season, off-season price tickets, Mount Emei official micro-blog, WeChat public number (micro signal emei517) will be the first for the majority of Internet users friends sent the first welfare, by netizens sought after Mount Emei winter taking photos at hand activities will be launched in the near future, more ice powder welfare delivery will also be carried out. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > Mount Emei seventeenth ice Hot Spring Festival Golden ice warriors challenge sixteenth ice hot spring festival Mount Emei first snow (commissioning editor: Li Yawen Hot pot (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: