Shi Juntang Unforgettable purple prose

Shi Juntang: Unforgettable purple prose section of the first thirty years, Yixing pot of Oncidium rhyme prose section review September 20161986 1986 – day, "Yixing daily" reporter Comrade Sheng Pansong accompanied a deja vu and non acquaintance elders come to me, that is introduced by Jiangsu Province Association chairman, the famous essayist AI xuan. In fact, his name is already in my mind. Prior to this, as the two start empty-handed purple craft factory has with Shanghai’s cultural and artistic circles continuously engage in some activities, promote a township enterprises keen purple culture, won the praise, the media have also been reported, the visibility of the enterprise quickly improved. Maybe a little Comrade AI Xuan, come to me today, is also to discuss what cultural activities? So, I am very interested to ask: "today you excuse me the great writer door, there must be something important to talk?" The first section in the original list of purple prose, the reform and opening up ten years of turmoil, a thousand things wait to be done, the literary world of loneliness. Love in the long career AI Xuan Comrade prose, prose writer wanted to organize a group of influential in the country to hold a pen prose in Jiangsu. Yixing as a famous pottery, thousands of years to break the kiln fire, thriving pottery industry, magnificent pottery, industrious and clever Potter, is undoubtedly an excellent prose creation. Plus Yixing, picturesque scenery and pleasant scenery, is the literati yearning place. According to AI Xuan said, already with other ceramic enterprises, and has promised later changes, but before have been informed about the country prose writer, now there is no particular reason, how to cancel the activity? I would like to ask Yixing to find two purple craft factory to undertake this activity today. His tone is mildly but very firm, seems not to discuss. Finally, said: "one is the Hanlin Academy, you should know that." Saying here, looking at the pure and honest man, what can I say, they will not hesitate to promise down, just repeatedly said that we are a long established township enterprises, conditions are very poor, I am afraid it is difficult to receive from all over the country’s cultural celebrities, but I’ll do my best. I see so readily and enthusiastically, AI Xuan Comrade very happy. He said, I ask these writers and friends are not high, as long as there is a place to live, eat on the line. I said, this is no problem, can be done completely, so now to finalise and name of the event is called "the first Yixing purple prose section". Then, around the activities of the preparatory work, but also tense and orderly start. The first section of the first activity in the process of purple purple prose prose photo album Autumn Festival Yixing, bright. In October 15th, the ChangZhou Railway Station to meet the guests of the van, led by Changzhou writer Zhang Chenxiao comrade, first to Tongguan at the foot of the jingle villa, this is a group from Beijing, Tianjin, Ji’nan, Nanjing direction of the writer. AI Xuan comrades are introduced one by one: China Association party secretary, the famous literary critic Tang Dacheng, Deputy Secretary General of the CPPCC National Committee Ye Zhishan, vice president of the society of prose China Comrade Lin Fei, comrade Li Guowen famous writer, literary editor, essayist Wu Taichang.相关的主题文章: