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Shaanxi: Xi’an ancient dream new Silk Road – Environmental Protection — Xi’an gate in Xi’an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, the Western Han Dynasty has become the western ideological and cultural, economic and trade exchanges, the broad and profound Chinese civilization Everfount westward transfer. The Tang Dynasty, Xi’an is the world’s most bustling metropolis, she witnessed the most brilliant kaiyuanshengshi, and this spirit also brought prosperity of the silk road. Travel time, Tuoling sound, the Silk Road brilliant to the peak, the prosperity and development of business has brought a civilization, leaving a lot of attention to the precious cultural heritage and precious wealth for mankind. Xi’an remains the two great cities, three magnificent Pagoda: the Weiyang Palace ruins of Han Changan City, Changan city of Tang Daming Palace Ruins, the wild goose pagoda, the small wild goose pagoda, Xingjiao temple is the 5, the Silk Road World Heritage point today is located in Xi’an, is also the Silk Road from open to development to witness the history of prosperity. In the mastery of Western civilization, continuous, prosperous coexistence. Xi’an has a history of thousands of years, as well as changes in climate and ecology. Now Xi’an adhering to the "green development" concept, to carry out ecological migration, the development of green ecological agriculture and ecological environment to effectively protect the water supply to Xi’an "lifeline" — Weihe’s water source, the mountains and rivers, more beautiful, more clear, to add a touch of fresh green silk road. Xi’an, this is known as "the origins of Chinese civilization of the ancient city, now shoulder the glorious mission revival of the ancient Silk Road, with a glorious dream of sailing the new Silk Road, the silk road will be a continuation of the spirit, will promote the silk civilization, stood in the forefront of the times, build a new Silk Road, to a new glory. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: