Shaanxi taxi management rights will be fully implemented without changing the use of the main busine-kimi wo omou melodi

Shaanxi taxi franchise will be fully implemented free use may not change the main business of Xinhua News Agency Xi’an September 20th news (reporter Shi Zhiyong) reporter learned from the Shaanxi provincial government, Shaanxi province will be in accordance with the "overall excellent service, promoting reform, maintaining stability and strong regulatory requirements issued taxi reform plan, which clearly put forward the right to operate a taxi will be free use. The taxi reform program clear, the right to operate a taxi will be implemented to add or update the time limit, from Shaanxi province "on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of opinions" issued, the full implementation of free use, and shall not change the main business. To develop from paid configuration transition to free use of the province before the end of 2016, the transition time of science; suggestions to the quality of service reputation oriented management, service quality, there are significant safety accidents or serious violations and other issues in the process of operation, according to the law to recover the right to operate. Shaanxi province will deepen the reform of taxi industry, and strive to achieve the province each city and county "in 5 years, with four" have the perfect system of management system, clear responsibilities of management institutions, full-featured integrated service area, supervision and effective management information system; in the service mode and strive to achieve the "four 100% that is," 100% parade car call, to provide APP services to provide the electronic payment; 100%; 100% the use of clean energy, new energy vehicles; 100% enterprises signed labor contracts or agreements in various forms and drivers. (Xinhua News Agency)相关的主题文章: