Shaanxi 500 years old of 2 strains of old trees will be felled tree villagers to buy monitoring

Shaanxi 500 years old of 2 strains of old trees will be felled the villagers to buy monitoring equipment found the original title: at least 500 years old are felled the villagers bought monitoring equipment found Zhen’an County two trees for at least 500 years old recently touched the hearts of many villagers, because the local to repair a road, two trees are at the range of road planning in. Whether the old trees are left or felled is not conclusive, the villagers are afraid of old trees stolen cutting, bought 3 cameras to monitor the construction team. Two trees growing on rocks yesterday, the China Daily reporter in the county town of cloud cover temple town Admiralty village two groups, see the two tree growth of at least 500 years of wingceltis tree, the roots are long on the rock, the root diameter of about 1.5 meters, eight meters high tree seventeen. A nameplate is attached to the tree to show that it is a first class protected tree. 78 years old villager Yin said, when he was a child, the two trees are so strong, because it grows on the stone, so it grows very slowly. Every Chinese New Year holiday, someone came to the tree to hang red. "These two trees are fine, and they bless the safety of the villagers nearby." The villager Yin poetics provides a photograph taken in summer, which shows that the crown is dense, and the more unusual is that a tree grows flocculent things, the local people call it hydrangea. Ancient trees are 4.5 meters away from the National Road, Yin poetry theory, the local has been called this "green egg skin"". Last year he went to Louguantai found a two thousand or three thousand year old Pteroceltis trees, and their home in front of the tree than Louguantai Pteroceltis trees thicker, more sturdy. After that, Haruki declared to the Forestry Department of the county, and the forestry department designated the tree as "ancient trees and famous trees", which was the first class to protect the trees. This year’s new year’s day, the local began to build 345 National Road, painting line, the two trees just from the national highway "central line" about 4.5 meters, engineering vehicles close to the two ancient trees, the villagers repeatedly stopped. Zhang Tingyin, the village director, said the villagers wanted to keep the two old trees. Construction workers: want to protect the tree to drawings yesterday, here is where the construction technician in Hunan province Yongzhou Bridge Construction Co., Ltd. Li Quanjie said, according to the drawing plan, the two trees are hard to keep, unless Shangluo Haiwei highway design drawings design limited liability company to modify the drawings. However, if you modify the drawings, you may face hundreds of thousands of Yuan related costs. Yin poetics spent four thousand or five thousand yuan, bought 3 cameras, called workers to install yesterday. He said that the road could destroy the two trees at any moment, and he wanted to be monitored on the computer at home. One of the cameras was on the tree, pointing to the construction site being built, second poles on the edge of the tree, facing two old trees, third cameras on the house of their own, and pointing at the old trees. The regulations for the protection of ancient and famous trees in Shaanxi province stipulates that more than 500 years old trees under the year 1000 are the first class protection trees. These trees must be approved by the provincial government because of the relocation of the construction. If the construction unit wants to protect the trees within a certain range, it must be reported to the local forestry bureau for approval. The villagers worry that the two trees are growing in the gap between the stones, it is impossible to move. Yesterday, Zhen’an County Forestry Bureau reply, no prop

陕西2株500岁古树将被伐 村民买监控设备护树   原标题:至少500岁古树面临被伐 村民买来监控设备护树   镇安县两棵至少500岁的古树最近牵动了很多村民的心,因为当地要修一条国道,两棵古树正好在规划的道路范围内。古树是留还是砍伐,尚未定论,村民害怕古树被偷伐,买来3个摄像头监视施工队。   两棵古树长在岩石上   昨日,华商报记者在镇安县云盖寺镇金钟村二组,看到这两棵至少生长了500年的青檀树,树根都长在岩石上,根部直径约1.5米,树身高度有十七八米。树上挂有铭牌,显示是一级保护树木。   78岁的村民殷绪才说,他小时候,这两棵树就这么壮,由于长在石头上,所以长得很慢。每到过年过节,就有人来给树披红挂花。“这两棵树都成精了,它保佑附近村民的平安。”村民殷诗学提供了一张夏天拍的照片,上面显示树冠茂密,更为奇特的是,一棵树上长出絮状的东西,当地人称其为绣球。   古树距国道“中线”4.5米   殷诗学说,本地一直将此树叫“青蛋皮”。去年他去楼观台,发现里面有一棵两三千年的青檀树,而自己家门口的树比楼观台的青檀树还要粗,还要壮实。   之后,村上向镇安县林业部门申报,林业部门将此树定为“古树名木”,为一级保护树木。   今年元旦,当地开始修建345国道,画线时,这两棵树刚好距国道“中线”约4.5米,工程车几次靠近这两棵古树,村民多次将其拦下。   该村村主任张庭印表示,村民们都想保住这两棵古树。   施工人员:想保树得改图纸   昨日,正在此处施工的湖南省永州桥梁建设有限公司技术员李全杰说,按照图纸规划,这两棵树很难保住,除非设计图纸的商洛市海纬公路设计有限责任公司修改图纸。但是,如果修改图纸,可能面临数十万元的相关费用。   殷诗学花了四五千元,买来了3台摄像头,昨日叫来工人安装。他说,修路随时可能毁掉这两棵树,他要在家里的电脑上随时监控。其中一个摄像头安在树上,对准正在修建的施工现场,第二个架在树边的电线杆上,对着两棵古树,第三个摄像头架在自己家房屋上,也对准了古树。   《陕西省古树名木保护条例》规定,500年以上1000年以下的古树为一级保护树木。这些树木因为施工的迁移必须要经过省政府同意。施工单位如果要在一级保护树木一定范围内施工,必须要报当地林业局批准。   村民担心地说,这两棵树木都长在石头缝隙间,根本就不可能迁移。   昨日,镇安县林业局答复,没有任何人给他们上报过要在古树旁边施工,得知古树面临的情况后,他们表示将紧急调查。华商报记者 崔永利 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: