Seven feet tall tears in the scene Meng Fei ridicule daughter buy gifts and entertainment Sohu x3210

Seven feet tall tears in the scene Meng Fei ridicule daughter buy gifts and entertainment Sohu   the plot reversal husband helpless Sohu entertainment news the "four famous" wonderful uninterrupted help! The daughter take buy inappropriate consumption, the urge to buy ten Suites in after the loan crisis; sister everyday buzuibugui, superb skills Liaodao four Quanjiu field assistants; wronged husband accused wife not long, but he cried like a baby. More Meng Fei then exposed her childhood fun, amused the audience! Husband complained that his wife is not long enough to cry like a child of this period, the four great help, the story was reversed, accused his wife will never grow up, but her husband at the scene crying like a child. At first, the husband went on the court accused the wife of all kinds of unreliable behavior, with the wife said a few words to cry on the grounds of the complaint quickly won the sympathy of the name of the help. When it comes to wife often eat drops in the clothes, Meng Fei also enthusiastic weapon, said: "I was old daughter small meal, she also often eat out on the outside, I angrily to the bowl of rice, all fell on the table, she no longer had this trouble." Then, husband wife also broke in to participate in the program before it has cried, "that the creation of the world’s cry, I do not know why?" Originally a cry is pathetic thing, can see the husband sounds and pictures to say that "the creation of the world" the adjective, the audience can not help laughing. Husband tells her to give children a variety of classes, seven days a week is the shuttle of distress when the story appeared a big reversal, Meng Fei said: "my daughter, my class won’t give her a newspaper." Jiang Zhenyu also said: my son to learn Taekwondo I not only sent, I also accompany him to practice." Seeing no hope of a comeback, her husband said: "I say you are not all bad, in fact, we walked for so many years, I really put your head. I love this family, I can pay a lot for this family." Choked with this, her husband could not stop the tears. In addition to the four assistants, netizens have also been the husband amused: "this young wife obviously want to say childish, but he was the most simple ah." Daughter crazy to buy a house after the subsidence of loan crisis in desperation to sell a mother daughter the "four famous" discovered "real sister", the woman crazy to buy a house, with ten Suites is still not satisfied, but the loan is growing pressure. My mother was worried about this, could not sleep well every day, but she said: "I have pressure, there is also a fear, but also after the end of the month every month loan, there will be a leap of the feeling of fear, I especially enjoy this feeling." In this regard, the mother call "abnormal". In addition to the mortgage pressure, mother also worry about her daughter will be too busy to earn money to buy a house can not find the object, she is also the scene to help Meng Fei Meng: "Grandpa, you take her to the" If You Are The One ", looking for a person to share with her, the ten suites are owned by them." Heard that Meng Fei can not help Tucao: "you are selling or selling gifts to my daughter, daughter?" When it comes to marriage problems, but a far cry from the mother and daughter answered: "I think this does not delay me"相关的主题文章: