September corn fell in the open market model in October will be how to interpret

September corn fell in the open market model in October will be how to interpret? Hot list of thousands of shares of capital flows thousands of shares of the latest review of the diagnosis of the latest rating simulation trading client Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The maize production area has a large area of listed corn to the inventory time is so There is not much left. since September, the state reserve auction again accelerated policy corn auctions have several times a week, selling frequency and sales volume are almost reached the degree of There was no parallel in history. quality and price advantage, but because of limited state reserve auction turnover of corn is not ideal. As of September 28th, this month has accumulated a total of 34 million 720 thousand tons of corn, the actual turnover of 5 million 740 thousand tons. In 2014 the temporary storage of corn can be traded, almost no one asked the other corn. Can be seen in the current market pessimism, the parties have generally turned to the eyes of the new season corn. Two, the purchase price of the North cliff downwards with the north of the new corn market in large quantities, the price of corn in North China in September to August rebounded again to reverse the direction of the rapid decline. As of September 28th, the purchase price of corn in North China last month fell sharply to 300 yuan per ton, 1460-1640 yuan tons, among which the Shandong area the largest decline, 300-340 million tons, in other areas also appeared 200-300 yuan ton decline. Traders reaction, even in some areas of the purchase price of Corn 3 times a day phenomenon. Zhoukou has deep processing tons to hang out 1500 yuan of the purchase price, the purchase price of corn is expected in the future mainstream North China will gradually to 1500 yuan per ton. Survey shows that this year, Henan corn quality better, aflatoxin, vomiting toxin and other indicators are better than in previous years, the overall quality and yield is expected to be better than last year, on the whole, the new North China corn harvest is a foregone conclusion. After the national day, the region will usher in the new season corn market peak, new corn prices will fall further. The future decline is difficult to stop, in which the "rhythm" fall will depend on the future of the northeast corn production and relevant national policies. Three, the northeast corn prices strong to continue in September, the main producing region in the northeast of new corn is not a large number of listed, the corn market is still dominated by the state reserve auction, the auction price to the market price as a reference, a relatively stable performance, in addition to the Harbin area of 30 yuan per ton to weaken, the mainstream purchase price remained at 1470-1700 yuan per ton, unchanged from last month. At present, only a small number of new corn market in Liaoning, Liaoning grain sales price has dropped by nearly 0.1 pounds over the same period last year, due to the limited number of listed on the overall impact is limited, but the weak pattern is evident. Although the current market of northeast corn prices remain stable, but the market bearish sentiment is more intense, because the northeast regions independent of the local production of corn consumption capacity is limited, the future at the end of October and November a large number of new grain market, the Northeast pattern will form a huge absolute pile up in excess of requirement to suppress the price. This year is expected to exceed 70 million tons of corn in Northeast China, and the current logistics costs significantly相关的主题文章: