Self Tests As Tools To Assess

Self-Improvement The number of people who have drug addiction are constantly on the rise despite widespread info campaign of the dangers it brings to the body. One possible reason is that not all who suffer from substance abuse .e out in the open about their own problem. Issues like family relationships and social acceptance would be at stake especially when addiction may be discovered. Working professionals who have issues with addiction are scared to let their problem known for fear that they may lose their jobs and source of earnings. Many people deny or cover up their addiction problems by justifying their actions. They consider their alcohol consumption or prescription drug intake as .mon and similar to ordinary drinkers and drug users. At some point, some may feel a need for assessment in order to determine if their own habits are already considered as an addiction problem or leading towards it. There are a number of questions an individual may ask himself in order to see whether his actions need treatment or therapy. Self tests are widely available on-line to help an individual assess his behavior towards drugs and alcohol. Questions that relate about home and work relationships are involved. Bodily changes and other physical warning signs are also included in the questionnaire. John Hopkins University has a self test for addiction and alcohol which is .posed of 20 questions. If a person answered yes to one of these questions, he has high potential to be.e a drug addict. If he answered yes to two of these questions, it means that he’s likely an alcoholic or a drug abuser. If he answered yes to at least three of these questions, it is assumed that he is an alcoholic or drug abuser. By doing self tests, individuals can better search for drug treatment programs that would suit his specific needs and concerns. Other self tests are also available on the net for all to use specially those who may be contemplating about their alcohol and prescription drug intake. Many individuals who use alcohol and drugs have no intention to end up being abusers. That is why there are ways provided for individuals who wish to assess on their own about their concern before receiving help from drug treatment. When addiction is discovered, further assessment is done in treatment facilities by skilled counselors. After assessment, steps in treatment are presented to the patient so that he can over.e addiction and get back to his normal way of living. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: