Secret Must Have

Business Have you ever seen an Internet advert which goes something like this: SECRET, MUST HAVE INFORMATION: What MLM .panies don’t want you to know. They’ve tried to stop me but I am going to tell anyway. I’ve seen a few. Is there secret information that MLM .panies don’t want you to have? If it is information to help you be successful, why would MLM .panies keep it from you? What possible reason could an MLM .pany have for wanting its distributors to fail? First off you must remember that anybody offering information on the Internet is usually doing it for a reason. Most people surf the net not to buy, but to get free information. So by offering free information the you attract people who if they like your information may then look at what you are promoting. Secret, Must Have Information is quite a hook and the author has positioned them self as an expert who has information that nobody else has. Having attracted prospects, the author then attempts to distance them from their current MLM/Affiliate program by generically badmouthing all MLM .panies so that the prospect will join the authors .pany,. I have seen articles on how training new MLM recruits to approach their warm market is in the interests of a few top earning distributors rather than the new recruits. But how did those people get to the top? They start with their warm list and find out who they know who is interested in MLM. If people say no, they treat it as no for now and stay in touch. We are all taught this, but how many really do it. Then they go to .pany training and opportunity meetings and make contacts upline, downline and side lines. They stay in touch. Then they go to MLM generic training seminars. Guess what? They make contacts with people from other MLM .panies and stay in touch. It is called networking. That is why MLM is also known a Network Marketing. Eventually they join another MLM .pany and because they have kept in touch with so many other networkers, they go to the top very quickly. Very few people make it to the top with their first MLM .pany. That is probably the only secret your upline may not tell you, but they will have taught you the skills to do it if you have listened closely. I feel it is unfair to alienate someone from their own MLM/Affiliate .pany after they may have put a lot of time and effort into it. Internet techniques such as writing articles, lead providing affiliates, cross linking and advertising can assist anybody to build their own MLM/Affiliate .pany on-line. Secret information? No; that is just posture. Must have information? Yes, how to position yourself is must have information; but it should be done morally and ethically. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: