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Seasonal allergic haze troubled sister paper your skin on the autumn and winter season online allergies, plus the external Dust Haze problems, under the condition of their domestic trouble and foreign invasion, girl, your skin is on the line? Is there a person and small series, has been the skin of smallpox, dull, dry hair is tight, allergy extensive red tablet and a problem??? During the season, the skin’s resistance to the outside world will become more vulnerable, so in order to respond to changes in the external environment, we need in the choice of skin care products to choose a more appropriate. Xiaobian today to bring you this from the plant skin care expert Origins brand origins of Dr. Wei Huan can Ganoderma essence water. This product is known as the "skin extinguisher" town shop treasure, and you see the difference is that the small series to get the limit! The amount of! Version! Come and look at it with a small series of magic. Evaluation of products: Origins origins of Dr. Wei Huan can Ganoderma essence water product specifications: $320 200ml to adapt to the crowd: no time to do skin care, skin often in a dehydrated state, prone to dry dander and sensitive Qihong blood groups. For skin: any skin, especially suitable for sensitive skin products introduction: selection of the herb Pierre Ganoderma lucidum, from the inside to repair damaged muscle, stimulate the skin healing force; mining plants living fossil of sea buckthorn, the fragile skin fu. It is worth mentioning is the product of "Shengguo Seabuckthorn" ingredients found in ancient Greece, have to let horse magical healing energy, vitamin C and vitamin E has strong antioxidant and anti stimulation effect. Gentle soothing red skin, soothe inflammation stimulation, make skin healthy, smooth, refreshing. Sensitive dry skin care essence savior calm [product evaluation], a design evaluation methods: by editing the touch, observation and experience, make a comprehensive evaluation on product packaging appearance. Different from the 200ml we see the origins of Dr. Wei Huan can Ganoderma essence water, Xiaobian to evaluation is a limited edition of 400ml large capacity, so the packing also can let the fans favorite Ganoderma lucidum water plant maintenance and enjoy the Ganoderma lucidum water. Origins origins of Dr. Wei Huan can Ganoderma essence water packaging is simple and elegant, the bottle green in carrying the product, and then cover the entire product cap collocation, giving a very clean and fresh feeling. Brand name printed on the bottle is very clear and intuitive, highly recognizable. Two, product quality evaluation method: take a small amount of products as transparent containers, from the visual, tactile, olfactory three aspects, to observe its color, texture, smell. The product is colorless transparent liquid, flow is very strong, very easy to push away. Smear on the skin is very moist feeling, it is easy to be absorbed by the skin. Rocking in a glass tube, will give birth to a fine layer of foam. At the same time, the product will emit a faint medicine incense, fresh and pleasant. Three, moderate degree evaluation methods: apply the product in the PH test on static, PH color contrast color change observation. Alkaline skin care products will cause the skin surface acid-base disorders, thereby stimulating the skin to bring other skin problems, so the ideal pH value of skin care products should be weak acid. From above.相关的主题文章: