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Schools require students to fog and haze morning run: the air is poor, but does not affect the morning run – Sohu education runway packed with morning running students. A fine mist on the playground, visibility less than 100 meters, the school still requires students in the playground running in the morning exercise, many students had to wear masks on. In November 10th, Henan province Anyang Kindergarten Teachers College (Anyang normal school) freshman Xu Qian (a pseudonym) to the surging news (3) reflect the day 4 days of air quality in Anyang is slightly polluted, then the whole playground was shrouded in fog, visibility less than 100 meters, the school also requires students to participate in the morning run, just even the ill can not run the students were also asked to stand in the playground. The environmental protection department data center data show that Anyang city in November 3rd, 4, the AQI index was above 120, light pollution, the AQI index in November 7th reached 185, air quality levels of moderate pollution, the primary pollutant of these days is PM2.5. 10, 2009, Anyang junior college student section chief Bao said that the recent poor air quality, but does not affect the morning run, such as students do not feel good, to the counselor sick leave, that is, do not have to run in the morning. Anyang City Board of education office staff said that the city of Anyang for primary and secondary school nursery air warning plan, but there is no corresponding provisions for college students. In this regard, Nanjing Thoracic Hospital two department director Li Tian said that in the haze days morning run movement will produce great damage to the human body heart lung and blood vessel, suggestions will be postponed to exercise at night or in some indoor activities. The chart from Shanghai air quality real-time release system. However, there are professionals that Anyang young college students some playfully, reason is according to the air quality of Shanghai air quality index system in practical issue "(AQI) and the corresponding air quality categories corresponding to the table", the air quality index 101~150 light pollution suggestions, "children, the elderly and heart disease, respiratory system disease patients should reduce the long time, high intensity of outdoor exercise"; to moderate pollution, that the general population "reduce the amount of outdoor sports". Anyang junior college students in November 3rd the school playground photos. The foggy morning run will continue according to Xu Qian, the school from the beginning of October for freshman in the morning run, the time is 7:10 in the morning to 7:30. From the photos provided can be seen on the morning of November 3rd, Anyang, a young college students to the playground was foggy, partly hidden and partly visible figure. 3 early in the morning, I saw the window so thick fog and haze, do not think morning run." Wait until nearly 7 points, Xu Qian did not wait until the notice of suspension of the morning. When she came to the playground, she saw many students standing at the same level as she was. "At that time we asked the teacher responsible for the morning run, whether it is suspended today. The teacher replied, according to the original plan to run around the playground 3 laps." Xu Qian said her classmates unwell, was also asked to stand on the playground, until the end of the 7:30 run. Xu Qian said that in November 7th, Anyang air quality is not good, the school still smell相关的主题文章: