Scholar Liang Guoyuan Taiwan’s economy is sometimes no flash recovery

Scholar Liang Guoyuan: Taiwan economy become too sometimes no "flash recovery" – Beijing, China News Agency, Taipei (reporter Xu Dejin) in September 30, although the Yuan Baohua Comprehensive Economic Research Institute of the Taiwan 2016 economic growth forecast from 0.9% in June to 1.1%, but the hospital chairman Liang Guoyuan in 30 days here that this is only "flash recovery". Liang Guoyuan believes that although Taiwan’s recent economic data have improved, but considering the capital accumulation, poor population aging is serious, talent gap, the income inequality of the disease remains to be solved, and the interference of political factors, it is difficult to get rid of the Taiwan economic recovery period the average growth rate gradually reduced the possibility of high shackles. Yuan Baohua Comprehensive Economic Research Institute in Taipei 30 released "2016 Taiwan economic forecast for the third quarter of 2017 and forecast update", revised 2016 Taiwan economic growth forecast to 1.1%, forecast economic growth for Taiwan in 2017 1.8%. The reasons for the prediction are related to the international economic environment, Taiwan’s private consumption, private investment and foreign trade import and export. As with the general economic research Yuan Baohua Institute, Taiwan Institute of economic research, Taiwan Research Institute, China Economic Research Institute and other institutions in Taiwan earlier forecast 2016 Taiwan economic growth rates are less than 1%. As a well-known economist in Taiwan, Liang Guoyuan said that Taiwan’s economy is sometimes no fear of flash recovery, just like a light bulb, but will not continue to shine do not know. He also pointed out that Taiwan’s economic policy and political considerations involved not clear of bad habits, let manufacturers on the business prospects "xinyouqiqi yan". Provide Yuan Baohua Comprehensive Economic Research Institute of Taiwan in 2017 economic growth forecast and growth source analysis report shows that the import and export of foreign trade, private investment and private consumption to economic growth accounted for relatively large. However, the Court pointed out that in 2017, Taiwan private consumption and investment growth slightly, exports only moderate growth, overall economic growth pace slow slow. (end)相关的主题文章: