Save money in the end! The heat has sent 2, will save a total of 8 million coinwatch

Save money in the end! The heat has sent 2, will save 8 million heat, leaving huge trading space for the transaction, sina sports news Beijing time on February 19th, the opening date of the trading day, the heat started the first action. According to YAHOO sports reported that 2014 rookie Stokes was traded to Miami Simon pelican in exchange for a protected pick. Although the wandering on the bench and the Development League Rookie for the heat of no consequence, but the deal for the heat saved $2 million 100 thousand luxury tax. Meanwhile, the heat was sent to Portland in another trade with Blaine Roberts and the second round pick in 2021, and got some cash from Portland. The deal reduced the salary cap by 6 million for the heat. As a result, in just three days, the team from a 25 million luxury tax to the union jumped into a team that benefited from the luxury tax on other teams. The wily pat Riley not only solves the problem of the luxury tax in this year’s free agent market has left precious space for their operation. The Miami team had a good record this season. They were only one behind the hawks in the Southeast Division, fifth in the east. Whether the heat just wants to reduce the luxury tax so that there’s more action in the draft and in the summer trade, we don’t know. In my view, Riley’s calculations, in addition to reducing the cost of finance, may also be put in the eyes of Durant will soon become free players in the free market big heat. Maybe next year’s heat will be a strong contender for the Obrien cup. The door is closed, and the heat may be one of the biggest winners. (Ma Jia)

省钱省到底!热火先后送走2将 一共省下800万 热火在交易中为自己留下巨大的交易空间   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月19日,交易截止日战火开启,热火队最先开始行动。据雅虎体育报道,2014年新秀贾内尔-斯托克斯被热火交易至鹈鹕换得一个受保护的选秀权。虽然这个徘徊在板凳席和发展联盟的新秀对于热火而言无足挂齿,但是这笔交易为热火省下了210万美金的奢侈税。   与此同时,热火还在另外一次交易中用布莱恩-罗伯茨和2021年的次轮选秀权送往波特兰并且从波特兰得到一些现金。这笔交易为热火降低了600万的工资帽。   这样一来热火就在短短三天之内,从一个向联盟上交2500万奢侈税的球队一跃成为一个从别的球队的奢侈税中获益的球队。老谋深算的帕特-莱利不仅解决了奢侈税的问题也在今年的自由球员市场上为自己留下了宝贵的运作空间。   热火队本赛季战绩不错,他们在东南赛区仅仅落后老鹰一个胜场,位列东部第五。热火是否仅仅是想减少奢侈税以便于在选秀场和夏季交易期有更大的动作我们无从而知。依我看来,莱利这次的算计除了减少财政成本之外,还可能把眼光放在了杜兰特等即将变成自由球员的自由市场大热们身上。或许明年的热火又会成为奥布莱恩杯的有力争夺者。   交易大门就关闭了,热火或许才是最大的赢家之一。   (马甲)相关的主题文章: