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Software SAP B1 is on the way to take its ERP and MRP applications market share for small and mid-size businesses. This publication should help you with your SAP Business One consultant, VAR, reseller and implementation partner selection. When you are implementing new accounting application, you have to come through several phases and one of them is data migration, massage and conversion, including beginning balances, master records (business partners customers and vendors, general ledger accounts, etc). Normally you do initial data integration through SAP Business One Work Bench, where you typically fill out Excel template files and then move them to SB1 objects respectively. Let’s come through data migration highlights: 1.SB1 Workbench. As most of us, including accounting folks, have substantial experience and even formal training classes in such applications as Microsoft Excel, SB1 gives you Excel templates to fill for initial data conversion. This approach was tried thousand times and it really works. Of course it requires specialist time to export your legacy accounting application records likely into text files, from where you should import them into Excel, and then further format them to fit SB1 WB Excel templates format. Please note, that various types of imported records requires their own templates and even templates clusters 2.SB1 Workbench advanced topic. If you are SQL programmer, then you can deploy ODBC connection to external database, instead of preparing Excel templates, you can prepare SQL statements and then link their fields to Workbench objects 3.Sap Business One SDK programming for initial data conversion. If your organization has IT budget and several C# or VB .net programmers, who are versatile with SQL scripting, then you can try SAP B1 SDK programming for initial or ongoing data conversion. SB1 SDK allows you to access SBO database from external applications, such as eCommerce website, EDI integration interface, 4.High End Integration tools. If your organization belongs to larger SAP Business One installation and implementation platforms, then you should consider luxury add-ons, such as iBolt About the Author: Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum LLC, [email protected] ,, 1-866-528-0577 , subdivision of M2-D2, SAP Business One VAR and Reseller in Illinois, Georgia, South Carolina, California, Texas. Please visit our info portal Pegas Planet: ..pegasplanet… Local Service in Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Houston. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: