Samsung 500 thousand new note 7 arrived in the United States on Wednesday began to replace the probl k9084

Samsung 500 thousand new Note 7 arrived in the United States on Wednesday began to replace the problem of mobile phone technology Tencent news according to the "USA Today" reported that the battery of the existence of security risks of Galaxy Note 7 between Samsung Electronics and American consumers had a huge gap. Samsung Electronics said late Tuesday, for 500 thousand new mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 replacement plan has arrived in the United States, and will begin to change work on Wednesday local time. 2 this month, Samsung wireless division responsible Gao Dongzhen (D.J. Koh) held a press conference to apologize for cell defects on Samsung large screen new machine Galaxy Note7, and announced that it would recall problems of products in the world. Up to now, in the United States has purchased Galaxy Note 7 users, has been replaced by a mobile phone 25%. Samsung Electronics spokesman said, the vast majority of consumers choose to replace a Galaxy phone. However, the latest survey shows that many consumers in the first time to buy Galaxy Note 7 said they would avoid the phone in the two choice. The Internet research company SurveyMonkey on the weekend of 507 American adults conducted surveys found that in Galaxy Note already owns 7 of consumers, more than 1/3 said they choose a refund instead of a new mobile phone. The survey said, in the Galaxy Note already has 7 consumers, 35% pledged to refund, and 26% said it would buy iPhone, while 21% said they would choose other mobile phone, Samsung Electronics is only 18%, which is less than 1/5 of consumers said they will continue to use Galaxy Note 7. If consumers in the future action and its willingness to express the same words, Samsung Electronics may be due to the loss of money in the financial suffered no small loss, but also may lose millions of smart phone sales. In the last month, just released a few weeks ago, Galaxy Note 7 sales more than 2 million 500 thousand, is considered likely to debut earlier this month in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus threat. Survey results show that Samsung Electronics will face a difficult time in the future. Analysts expect the global recall of Galaxy Note 7 may allow Samsung Electronics to pay the price of $904 million. Eric Fleming (Eric) is facing a difficult situation is the epitome of many Galaxy Note 7 users in. Fleming, 30, is a product manager in California, San Bruno. Although Fleming did not participate in the online survey, but he also expressed his emotions to the media: "I have no way. I will lose $200 to $300 due to the recall. I used to be a loyal user of Samsung Electronics for years, and now it’s disappointing." David, a brand expert at the Columbia School of business, (David Rogers), said the Galaxy Note 7 recall.相关的主题文章: